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What was he like at school?
Average local lad, really. Some of them were eedjits.
Committed the first one at a very young age, got a milder sentence because of that, committed another one when he was released?
He was in his 20s when he committed the first murder. He'll have served about 13-15 years for that. The most recent one was last year.

Anyone else from your school days get famous?
My cousin was on The Voice, does that count?

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As a Maiden fan, I know I've been lacking. So, I finally got Strangers in the Night! I played Doctor, Doctor for daughter and grand daughter today. Followed by Death On The Road. Family debate of the best version of Fear of the Dark. 3 votes for Death on the Road.

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No one in Alestorm has drunk a beer and Hugh Hefner never got laid.