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Kynisk Sokol said:
I know Christmas is closer than you think and you may have forgotten someone close to you. What to get them in times of need? This.
I think that is right up my Gran's street. Good suggestion. :D


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Maybe we should start considering reaching 10,000 by new years...
Make that new years of NEXT year at this rate...


This topic of general interest begun on the 30[sup]th[/sup] of April 2002.

So it lasts since 2062 days.

It's the 9389[sup]th[/sup] post.

The average of posts per day is 4,55.

As we only have 11 days to the 31st of December, we will make only 50 posts. That is really far from the goal reached, wich is 10 000.

So my question is :



Keeping an open eye on the Weeping Angels.
Sparkling wine. A good Cava can be every much as good as some Champagnes.

NP: Stiff Little Fingers - Doesn't Make it Alright. What a brilliant song this is. :D


It's Friday morning, sunny over here in Pennsylvania...I need to do laundry! lol

*Will jam Maiden later on... oh, what should I choose?  :D*

Suggestions? hehe

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Left early morning for a job interview.  I missed work for this and I hope it is worth it.

The dishes have been washed and now I wait patiently for the phone call.  Will it be good or bad news?  It has been two hours.  I'm wondering if a long wait is bad news  :S or are my qualifications so enormous that it takes a long time to process all that information.  ;)