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I was in Paris on Sunday and Maiden were in top form, a real marked improvement from the Belfast gig, I guess they were a little sluggish after 3 years off but are getting back up to match fitness now. I was worried that we might be getting an announcement about Nicko after the slow tempo of a lot of the set in Belfast but all those worries are completely gone now. Also the sound was so much better than the outdoor gig.

All the stage theatre bits work way better in the dark, obviously, you don't realise the band are on stage at the start of senjutsu etc., you can't see the set being changed etc. and it basically has the intended effect.

Also saw British Lion on the Saturday night, they were very good too, and a big surprise seeing Doug Sampson in the support band!


Ancient Mariner
I wouldn't go that far. The song is played at a pace that is probably better suited to walking your dog in the park than to ending a high octane heavy metal gig, but Bruce's performance is better than at recent gigs and both guitar solos are great, really fluid. And, let's face it, playing the song last in the set means that the audience does not have to go back home with Steve's backing vocals on Run to the Hills ringing in their ears!
I've got a solution! Bring back the backing vocals in the Aces High chorus to help Bruce but make Steve do it instead since he's got more than enough projection in his voice to really provide some extra power sorely needed to make that song really memorable!


Ancient Mariner
Dave was fantastic yesterday, all his solos were amazing, while Adrian's were not fluid at all. Bruce butchered two songs, The Number of the Beast and Ace's High.
I agree the venue is way too large, and I really hope to see them in a more "intimate" setting for the album tour.
NOTB sounded great on the video I watched
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Ancient Mariner
If you mean getting slightly out of sync with the band, he did that a couple of times in the Belfast gig too, I wonder is there some sort of issue with the monitors or his hearing
I noticed these problems with rhythm as well. On one FOTD video I saw he almost created disaster, can’t remember where it was from.

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Can anybody tell me if they have those new TShirts for sale from the official Maiden web site? The two 1982 reissues in grey both are very cool, also the Beast Over Hammersmith one, I've attached the pictures from the officia store below. Yet they have it exclusively for FC members on ironmaiden.com, but I wonder if they sell these also on tour right now.
BTW it'd be great if somebody attending the shows in nearer future (Zurich on Thursday e.g.) would take a few pictures from the merch desk and post them here. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!!!


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The singer was very good.
I was so pleased to meet Doug Samson. The guy is charming. Their bassplayer is quite a character, but their singer stole the show. What a showman and what a voice. And after that, he spent the British Lion gig in the pit singing and headbanging. You've got to love those bands. Airbourne, on the other hand is such a disaster. I don't want to offend anyone, but why the hell should we need another such band ? I've always hated AC/DC, and I just got a terrible declination of it.