I still find it absurd to open the legacy of the beast tour with 3 new album songs that should be reserved for the album tour. This is the only type of tour where they can bust out songs that they normally don't include on the album legs, I will definitely miss where eagles dares and FTGGOG, not so much wickerman but still think aces high should be opener

I agree with everything you said. Still though, Up the Irons!


First full show in over 2 years most likely for the for him being exausted Im picking, hopefully he improves as the tour goes on

Plus, he's had COVID since the last tour. Anyone who's had that can tell you the fatigue is real and enormous. Takes a while to get over and feel "normal" again. (Though Bruce is hardly normal to begin with; superhuman endurance for a 64 year old doing what he does)


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Been reading this thread and watching some of the vids with great interest.

One point I notice a lot of people have picked up on is the position of Aces High.

Aces High is a tough song for Bruce to sing these days. I get why they moved it towards the end of the set, to try and not start things off with a very demanding song and let him build up to it. To be honest no matter where it is in the set I think it’s gonna cause him problems as the tour continues.

Watching some of the vids it’s clear he sounds better singing it than he did on NOTD however I can’t help thinking he still sounds quite a bit off with it. My immediate thoughts are why not drop the song completely. Surely it’s been played a lot over the years that it wouldn’t hurt retiring it now for the sake of keeping Bruce’s voice up to scratch for the other songs in the set.

Heck, they could really throw a curveball and replace it with Tailgunner, another song about a fighter plane and no one would expect that to be played :)


I'm on my phone, and I don't have spell checker and I'm also a bit hangover....

The Beast is back and it feels so good to write this and it felt even better witnessing it. Hearing 'Doctor, Doctor' over PA is one of the best feeling a Maiden member can experience. During his only speech (!) Bruce said they're going to erase past 3 years and he wasn't wrong. Although I'm a glass-half-full guy, I had my reservations about this tour, so seeing sold-out arena last night was a sight for sore eyes.

When Senjutsu (album) came out I immediately said title track doesn't feel as an opener. Luckily, I was wrong. I conpletely lost my shit when I saw those towers rising and first bang/chord set the whole audience on fire. Those saying Senjutsu as an opener doesn't work - go and feel it live, you'll change your mind.

By the time WOTW ended, my excitement only grew (although it is my least favourite) and my friend said: 'God, I wish they just continue with the whole thing.' And they should've, or at least, that's what I wanted. Instead, it went kind of a topsy-turvy.

I mean, seeing walk-out Eddie on first song, seeing pyro on SOTC as a 6th song makes you wonder: "Hoy shit,they're throwing their aces in pretty early. What else do they have in store?!" Answer was: nothing new.

And here a word about this 'worlds' of theirs. In 2018, it was a good idea which got watered down as gig went. War? Ok. Religion? Yeah. Hell?! To me, it seems so vague topic for a band like Maiden. Like saying Pink Floyd has a 'trippy' world or Rammstein has a 'fiery' world. No shit. The later songs in the set didn't have some thread connecting them, and it's even more obvious now (To me. -Don't foget, this whole post is written as an opinion, not a fact.)

Change between sets took too long, and with the band behind the stage, it makes you feel detached from the show. To average concert goer, I believe it has some elements of mystery. To people who saw them on the previous tour, it seemed....

OK, this is not the part: Oh look, fanboy saw them dozen times and now moans about classics, hurr-durr. No. There was a huge chunk of hits last night and I enjoy them. I can't remember when was the last time I played FOTD, but when it came, I loved it. But when you wait, in silence, looking at backdrops and the rest of the stage being changed and you KNOW immediatelly what song is next and there's nobody on stage... There's something missing there. FFS Bruce, just speak! Say something! It doesn't have to be something cool or smart (it usually wasn't) but at least I knew they're there. I smiled when Bruce tripped over steps during Trooper, not becuase I find people falling funny, but because it was one of the rare moments that felt genuine and not rehearsed.

Speaking of them personally - they're great. I have seen them at the exact same place almost 4 years ago and they haven't aged a day. Forget those overweight Davey pics, videos of Nicko's shaking hands, clips of Bruce straining. They're the same Iron Maiden we knew and love. Steve is still shooting at the first row, Jan is prancing, Adrian is still cool as fuck. Just seeing them six and the stage was enough for me to have a good time, but still, I have to get back at the setlist.

It's weird. Apart from Senjutsu, I didn't notice any coherence in those 'worlds'. If they said:"We are going to tease some Senjutsu and then we're going ti play some hits" I'd be fine. This however, looks like an extra hassle without some bigger benefit. After SOTC, next part felt like cuddling after premature ejaculation. It's good, but you know... It could've been better.

And encore is even weirder. Don't really care about the Trooper and the way they came with it made me care even less. Clansman was good but at a completely wrong place. And I have to take my hat off for that second encore, never experience it from them, it was a great suprise - but the audience was drenched at that ppont. I felt like the only guy jumping in the circle of a hundred people. It's like: "Oh look, we forgot to show you our huge inflated Spitfire!" but the people were like "Yeah, good for you but I have to go home now, job, kids and so on, it getting late..."

Merch is better than those they have in webstore, there are some more shirts and those they have in webstore are a bit different on merch stands (there's also name of the cities, not only countries listed) But shirts were 300 HRK and jersey was 700 HRK (I just can't bother looking what's that in pounds and dollars. You have a Google, use it.)

All in all, it was a good experience, especially when there was a moment in past 3 years when I thought "Damn, I might've seen Maiden for the last time and I didn't even knew it". But, this was one of those gigs where one was enough. (Usually, after a Maiden gig, I immediatelly go check rest of the dates, wishing to see them again - and sometimes I did.) Last night was not one of those nights. But did it made me even more hyped for possible future Senjutsu tour? Definitely. Say you'll play the whole thing live and put any price you want - I'll be there with my "Shut up and take my money" meme in a heartbeat.

But I did have a good time last night and I hope all of you planning to see them have and even better time. Pics taken from my potato in the next post.

This is the most awesome summary I've ever read. Thank you and Up the Irons!


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Having recorded Senjutsu in 2019 I'm sure they were itching to play some new songs even if it was the "Legacy" tour and they didn't want to wait until 2023.
Exactly - I don't see the issue at all. Obviously the plan was for the LoTB tour to wrap in 2020, probably followed by Senjutsu at the end of 2020/early 2021. As COVID pushed the tour two years back and the album has since been released I think it makes sense to play a few Senjutsu songs at least. I was a tad disappointed when the LOTB tour was rescheduled for 2022 with no sign of a new album in sight (that changed a few months later of course), so hearing some new stuff live is perfect for me. Sure, they could have been a bit more adventurous with a few other songs in the set - but I am definitely looking forward to hearing Senjutsu, Stratego and WOTW live the most when I see them in Belfast next month. Way too many people moaning on this thread, especially as Maiden have been saying for months there will be a few Senjutsu songs. What did they expect?

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I'm sure they were financially set for life years ago, surely?

From what I've seen on YT - I would not mind at all if they would play the whole senjutsu live.
I actually thought it was a Senjutsu tour when I bought my tickets for this October, didn't realize it was a continuation of LOTB.
I would definitely love to see all of Senjutsu and if, as Bruce indicated in some interview, they do it in smaller venues then even better.


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Watched some youtube clips. I dunno, Senjutsu realm to me looks too claustrophobic. I even dare to say, inflatable pagodas is borderline cringe?
The inflatable pagoda in the middle looks a bit cheap, yeah but I think this kind of a stage design was expected, given the theme of the album. What else? My only fear is that they will use this stage set for the actual tour next year and the surprise will be completely lost.

Edit: some examples from Maiden's histroy - the stage set in 2010 and in 2011 was the same, but the name of the tour was also the same. They had two different tours in 2003 and the stage set was not the same.
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The inflatable pagoda in the middle looks a bit cheap, yeah but I think this kind of a stage design was expected, given the theme of the album. What else? My only fear is that they will use this stage set for the actual tour next year and the surprise will be completely lost.
There's no point for them to change it, imo


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There's no point for them to change it, imo
They don't have to use the cheap inflatables for the real tour since there's no need to tear them down for a set change in the middle of the show and space shouldn't be an issue because a bunch of extra stuff like the Spitfire isn't in tow anymore. Not that I don't expect them to reuse most of it anyway, maybe adding in more backdrops and some new props to justify calling it a "new show".


You guys who were there was very lucky, wish I was able to see a Maiden gig now.

I agree with Sth2112 on this one. My opinion is that every maiden fan that can should go and see them
on this tour. This guys are 60+ years old and after yesterday show I realized that we are very lucky fans.
We can be more than happy what they are delivering to us, live and with new music (ask Bon Jovi fans what they are getting
for their money this days). Yesterday show was great. You could see and feel enthusiasm when they performed three new songs.
That fact makes me even more happy, to see that in them, that creativity and desire to do something new, and not to live on old glory.
Yes some things could get better, but nothing is perfect in this crazy world. Yesterday was my seventh time seeing them live, and last night
was better than some shows ten or fifteen years ago, both energy and quality wise. That is crazy!
So lets enjoy while it last, because it wont last for long now.



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A mixed bag. Looked like a good crowd. Glad people clearly had fun. Writing on the Wall sounds fantastic - Adrian's solo is a career high for himself and the band. Though Stratego still actively grates. Bruce occasionally reedy, but largely has a lovely clarity to his voice. Band sounds thick and tight.

Setlist wise, a definite step backwards from the previous leg. The Senjutsu songs were the three most obvious - predicted precisely by more than one on the previous thread. Where Eagles Dare and Greater Good of God were definite losses. The last eight songs were very much same-old-same-old. Could have been pretty much any tour from the reunion era. Every last one of them was played on the Ed Hunter tour nearly a quarter century ago now.