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New York event shirt.

Another ''fun'' artwork (which is the purpose of these shirts). Ed Float One! We can spot the usual Eddies from the other event shirts for this tour, lots of seagulls and the band's gear in the Beast River Ferry. The driver is dangerous... but with two Eddies - no chance.


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I know the tour is nearing its end but I am beyond excited that my show is finally almost here. I'll be seeing the Washington, DC show on Sunday.

Fun fact - this is the first time the band has ever played in Washington, DC. They've frequently played in the DC area (Northern Virginia or Maryland) but never DC itself. I saw Bruce here earlier this year and will cap the year off with seeing the entire band 8 months later.

This is the first tour since 2003 that I was not able to make it to more than one show so I'm pouring all my excitement into one night. I am honestly the most excited about hearing the Senjutsu songs as I've seen the rest of this show many times before.

Now, let's get to Sunday already!


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Just watched entire Paris concert on youtube. Very solid performance from the band. I gotta say I'm impressed because the tour is almost over and they are still killing it. I'm one of those who criticised them very much, especially after rock in rio and brazilian shows (which were bad), but now it really looks like Bruce was ill again or maybe his voice was 'warming up' again because they stopped for over a month or so.

I still think Aces High as the last song was a mistake and that they need to think more about the setlist on next tour and also consider tuning down, but I'm happy anyway that they are still killing it at the end of the tour.


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Bruce was pretty good in Ottawa on Aces High. Obviously his voice couldn't go as high as on the album, but I think they crushed the song given their age. Some of the other ones I heard he was rough, some he was better. Of the four times I've heard Aces High I think Montreal in 2019 was the best of them, but Ottawa would probably be 2nd.


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So sorry for you; I can imagine the disappointment.
I saw the show in Newark. Yes, the security was weak. I had a ticket, of course, but I think I could have made it in without a ticket.
The show was great. Everyone was in top form, bursting with energy, especially Janick.
Bruce was counting more, I noticed during "Run to the Hills".

He said something before "Blood Brothers" about the pandemic being bullshit. I don't know exactly how he meant that. I hope he's not stupid enough to fall for the precautionary paradox
(the more effective measures are that interrupt an infectious event, the higher the likelihood that those very measures will seem unnecessary).

PS: I bought a few things on my way there. Total price: 6.66 EUR. I thought that was funny!
I am going to post the receipt tomorrow so you don't think I'm making this up.
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