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Backstage is probably just a big pile of bike puncture kits from Halfords. Bruce tripping all over them on his way up the gantry.

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Yeah, I can't imagine these things lasting the amount of shows they've been on without having some challenges. Kudos to the crew for keeping this show going as long as they have, storing this stuff for 3 years, getting it all out of storage and back together. It's pretty cool.


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Or it would be dangerous hanging over the heads of some very valuable musicians, not to mention take up more space in transit than a glorified beach ball ;)


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Halfords is a store thet sells bikes and accessories like tyre pumps and puncture repair kits :D

That said, someone did make a song called Rob Halford Robs Halfords, and a cartoonist did a great illustration of this act taking place. I'll have to post a link here


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I love Jim'll Paint It. Some of his stuff is legendary.


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Oh yea, I've seen that. I had no clue it was an actual store before however lol


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I love that they still have a lot of fun live. <3


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If they decide to go with the 86 theme for the staging next year, I'm really going to wonder what could have been in terms of a full-on permanent Senjutsu stageset.


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Nothing screams more “Japanese palace” than 2 flying motorbikes!


I like the overall aesthetic of the Senjutsu realm - the inflatable pagodans don't look too bad and even the middle one is... ok (albeit very 2D and "cardobardy") from a certain angle and with all the lights and whatever, but I think that particular backdrop isn't that interesting, especially as the pagonda in the middle hides good deal of it. I was expecting the landscape with the tower to be the backdrop, but well, that would also get hid behind the pagonda, so whatever... :D
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