Legacy Of The Beast 2021


So, we'll see how things change (or not) in the last months of the year. If the situation wouldn't be enought safe the whole tour could be cancel for good. The pandemic eruption destroyed everything.

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i think as soon as the pandemic is over, every and all gigs will sell out, people are desperate to go to things
Was going to say, if there are live shows in 2022 alot of bands should do well touring. Maiden should do very well.

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Without Covid-19 tickets would be selling like hot pancakes, regardless of what some of us might think about dragging the same tour for another year.
Nah, the Australian and Asian legs would've bombed because Paris already saw the show twice. ;)

(I swear, the wink smiley looks like it's gambling on a fart.)


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I hope everyone is ok and that we will scream for Bruce next summer.

Have a nice weekend everyone


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Alright, with a bit more serious note, all of this was more or less expected. 2015 felt very strange without any Maiden gigs, but this longer cap puts it to different proportions. Regardless, I'm very happy to be able to see Maiden at least once more, assuming next year goes as planned. All things considered, a bit tiring as LOTB theme has become, the set itself could be much worse. I'm glad to be able to hear some of that stuff once more - and some of them probably for the very last time. It'll also be the first time my partner sees Maiden live. :)

And... all of this means that basically confirmed Maiden & Priest co-headline tour will get postponed by a year or two - again. :(

Sorry. Cheap. Tired. Whatever. Still, as much as this sucks, there's still some touring left in them and new music underway. When it will be released is of course totally different matter, but in any case, this world will see some more MAIDEN before the end.



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What confirmation? Where? I only know the fanfic from this board.

I terribly failed at being sarcastic towards this matter. That's the thing, it's one of those constant fan fiction & speculations that surfaces every time a tour cycle is complete and people eagerly wait for another. "Confirmation" often being Steve throwing comments like "Why not" in a small talk-ish manner in some interview.


a few days earlier i was saying about possibly adding another concert in 2022. Looks like on July 16th they will play Athens. So a trip back home for a few days might be in the books for me.


Standing tickets in the bag for Zurich, that emptied the bank account - CHF130 each (100 quid). The ordering page was all in German (no option to switch in the pre sale site that I could see - could change to english on the confirmation page), but all print at home anyway once you get through.


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a few days earlier i was saying about possibly adding another concert in 2022. Looks like on July 16th they will play Athens. So a trip back home for a few days might be in the books for me.
Possible. There are two bigger gaps in the tour (04.06. - 11.06. and 10.07. - 20.07.)
They probably have contracts with Croatia and Hungary and still have a place for one more date.


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I hope this is going to be better soon, next year should be good one. This year is again living low and waiting..
Im gonna get the vaccine next monday and so. But, I think I will wait and see closer how things go, and then going to buy ticket to Rockfest.
Im just so hoping that we will eventually get back to normal life again and seeing Maiden in concert (among other things). And new album too.

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I clicked on this thread thinking there was news! Nope.

Can't wait to get back to see the boys again. In the meantime, hard to believe it has been over five years since this shindig (featuring @bearfan and son, @MrKnickerbocker, @LooseCannon , @Wästed The Great and myself in Vegas for Book of Souls, Feb. 2016):