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King's X have revealed the complete track listing for their upcoming double live CD, "Live All Over the Place", due on November 2 via Metal Blade Records. The album, which was recorded at various shows on the band's most recent North American tour, includes all of the group's classics as well as an acoustic portion featuring songs rarely performed by the band.

"Live All Over the Place" track listing:

Disc 1:
01. Groove Machine
02. Dogman
03. Believe
04. Little Bit of Soul
05. Complain
06. Over My Head
07. Manic Depression
08. Black Like Sunday
09. Finished
10. Screamer
11. Johnny

Disc 2:
01. The Difference
02. (Thinking and Wondering) What I'm Gonna Do
03. Mr. Evil
04. Mississippi Moon
05. Goldilox
06. Everybody Know a Little Bit
07. A Box
08. Talk to You
09. Visions
10. Cigarettes
11. Summerland
12. We Were Born to Be Loved
13. Moan Jam
14. Over My Head (bonus track)

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Anyone else into this amazing American trio? Have you any of their albums, seen them live?

I bought Ear candy very randomly many years ago, and I got immideantly hooked by their amazing melodies, harmonies and grooves! Some time later I got Gretchen, FLH and Dogman, and also XV when it came out. These guys are my favorite 90's band and one of my all time favorites in general

Its too bad most of their albums are hard to find for a reasonable price, and that they rarely tour outside of North America. I really, really hope they will release a new album again one day, XV completely knocked med down when it came out :)


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Love these guys.
Highly underrated.
Never kept up on what they did after Dogman.

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I saw them supporting Anthrax (?!) in Cardiff back in the late 80s (or was it early 90s?) with the "Out of the Silent Planet" album . Very impressed by their live performance, but I did not really hear anything from them after that. The album was great, but I always felt it was a bit 'one speed', all of which was medium paced. Great vocals for sure :)


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That would be late 80s, it was their first album. The second was similar in sound, but much better in songwriting. My favorite is the third, Faith Hope Love (late 1990 IIRC).


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Adrian Smith likes them.

In 1992, after hearing King's X for the first time, he decided that he would "love to play in a band like that" and formed The Untouchables, which later became Psycho Motel.


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Wow, I didn't even know this group existed, but they look appealing. Must try out.

Anyway, thanks for the bump. :ok: