Is "The Final Frontier" a hard song to sing? Why does Bruce have a hard time with it?

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I noticed that on the new live release, Bruce seems to have a really difficult time with the verses for this song. Since I'm not a singer and don't know that much about vocals, I'm wondering if others on here can tell me why it seems to be such a challenge for Bruce.

Travis The Dragon

"Can you see them riding. Riding next to you!"
But he doesn't even come close to hitting the notes when he sings these parts:
"I haven't a chance of getting away"
"Like Icarus before me or so legend goes"
"There's nothing but wait 'til my time comes"
"Maybe I'll come back some time, my friends"


Maybe he's just getting warmed up on the opening number. 'Aces High' on Live After Death has a few notes that go astray too.

The guy is amazing, though. I think his singing now is as good as it's ever been.


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It's a tough song to sing, and it always takes Bruce 2-3 songs to get warmed up. That's one of the reasons they often toss Wrathchild in early - it's another three minutes of singing where Bruce doesn't have to go high up on the register, letting his voice warm up.

Travis The Dragon

"Can you see them riding. Riding next to you!"
Ya, I see what you all mean. I'm surprised he sounded as good as he did on Aces High for the SBIT tour. Wow, could TFF actually be harder to sing than Aces?


I think we should all worship the en vivo version of the talisman... :eek:
Oh and on topic yeah he needed to warm up


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I think he sounds better live on this song than the album. Almost all the songs on the album except for "El Dorado" and of course "The Talisman" sound almost strained. And I imagine that it's just him singing in a range slightly below his highest register causing his voice to sound strained, though I think that's just his vocal character. When he hits the higher notes, OR the lower notes like "Wild Wind" he sounds absolutely amazing.



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On topic I actually prefer the En Vivo performance of this song to the one on the album, but agree that Bruce probably sounds strained at times because its the first song of the show.