Iron Maiden Vintage Posters on Etsy

I just thought I'd point out that I bought a Seventh Son poster of Eddie holding a demon baby a few years ago from this seller, and I thought and hoped that the resolution would be fantastic, but it wasn't. It looks like he may have downloaded some of these pictures from the net on a low or lowish res and blew them up to A3 size. In some ways it is a bit of a scam selling classic Iron Maiden posters in a low res. I don't really recommend buying these posters from this seller, in fact I have all these Eddie images in very hi-res and very very hi-res. I nearly have all the most rare Eddie pics ever released, apart from one or two. Obviously being a well mannered person I left him good feedback. Also I don't mean to name and shame people but it's the truth. Here is a link to some of the posters:

And a closeup of the 'Live in Ipswich' poster


Ancient Mariner
I know it's a bootleg, and I have the exact Eddie image in a far far better resolution. In fact I have the vinyl of that picture. But the fact is that this chap is providing people with low res posters.
Oops I didn't read your post, I thought you were advertising them
Oops I didn't read your post, I thought you were advertising them
No problem srfc. I'm not selling any of my rare Eddie images, but people are more than welcome to contact me if they are looking for very rare hi res images that you can't find anywhere else.


Ancient Marinade
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