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Out of the Silent Planet
Eliminated after Round 34:
The Number Of The Beast - 11 votes
The Wicker Man - 11 votes
The Wicker Man is the slightly more surprising elimination for me. Should have stayed longer! An undisputed classic from the Reunion era!

I voted for:

Where Eagles Dare
If Eternity Should Fail
The Writing On The Wall

I like Writing On The Wall a lot, but with the company it's in (especially the epics), I had no choice.


Out of the Silent Planet
Hands off Rainmaker! That's the best short single they've done since... The Evil That Men Do maybe?
Since Wicker Man. ;)
Do people really think that The Writing on the Wall stacks up against the rest of these songs? I've been voting against it since the first Senjutsu round. Apart from the cool solo it has very little going on, imo.
I think everything is great. Melodies, solos, verses, intro. Yeah, the chorus is simple, but it's effective and memorable (which is important). The songs sounds better live.
the chorus is Steve-tier bad.
I can't say all of his choruses are strong, but no one can't touch Steve for melodies and catchy choruses!
I'm not a big fan of the register Bruce chose to sing on it
This was probably the reason I didn't like the song that much at first. I think the register is suitable.