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Night Prowler

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Welcome to the Iron Maiden Survivor #7, first one with Senjutsu!

Compared to the last game, we'll be starting off with the first two Iron Maiden albums and will work our way to Senjutsu.


Greenwich in the Sky
Wow, someone just needed to ask about it and then the survivor starts! Very efficient, I'll say.

Anyway, my votes go to:

Charlotte the Harlot
The Ides of March
Another Life
Innocent Exile
Twilight Zone

Couldn't bring myself to vote for more this first round.


The dotage of a dotard
I voted for every song from the first two albums that was a 6/10 or lower in my estimation, and that just happened to be 10 songs: (Warning, blasphemy alert!)
  • Sanctuary
  • Running Free
  • Phantom Of The Opera
  • Transylvania
  • Charlotte The Harlot
  • Iron Maiden
  • The Ides Of March
  • Genghis Khan
  • Innocent Exile
  • Drifter


Free Man
Yeah same here, I'll be using my excel sheet made for the purpose of the individual song polls. Those are the 10 with the lowest rankings:
Lower score to bigger:

Twilight Zone, Drifter, Innocent Exile, Charlotte the Harlot, Sanctuary, Purgatory, Iron Maiden, Another Life, Prodigal Son, Killers.


Out of the Silent Planet
These are the only songs I don't like from the first 2 albums:

Charlotte The Harlot
Another Life
Innocent Exile
Prodigal Son