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Night Prowler

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Eliminated after Round 1:
Drifter - 20 votes
Charlotte The Harlot - 19 votes
Another Life - 17 votes
Innocent Exile - 17 votes
Twilight Zone - 16 votes


The dotage of a dotard
Well look at that, exactly 7 of my previous votes made it into this round, so I voted for all of them again:
  • Sanctuary
  • Running Free
  • Phantom Of The Opera
  • Transylvania
  • Iron Maiden
  • The Ides Of March
  • Genghis Khan


Free Man
As far as I know, yes. The seasonal reference, a.k.a. Kigo (季語, "season word"), could be just an oblique hint but it should be there.
On the other hand, since any haiku not in Japanese is, strictly speaking, not really a haiku, I guess some liberties are allowed.

I will abide then
Lars will do seventy two
Just in one sentence

72 season hints in one sentence, @Magnus :D

Back on topic, with a Harris-taken-many-liberties haiku, below*

Prowler, Sanctuary
Running Free, Strange World, Iron Maiden
Killers, Prodigal Son

*Now picture Dickinson singing this chorus very quickly :D
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Found in a lost world
Speaking of hard choices, of course (or offcourse, as @MindRuler prefers to spell it), as a staunch supporter of the old members and their uncredited contributions, I shouldn't be voting against Bob Sawyer's song actually, shame on me. :facepalm:
Good to know The Spelling Police is still active on this forum! :D

Diesel 11

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Most of the songs I wanted out got the axe, so now it’s time to focus on songs that are pretty good but not as good as the others.

Remember Tomorrow
Running Free
Strange World
Prodigal Son

And “Purgatory”. It still sucks what the fuck yall


Out of the Silent Planet
Eliminated after Round 1:
Drifter - 20 votes
I didn't expect to be voted out after the first round with the most votes. Such an underrated song.

This time I voted for:

Remember Tomorrow
The Ides Of March
Murders In The Rue Morgue
Prodigal Son


Stranger to the Light
Remember Tomorrow
Running Free
Phantom of the Opera
Iron Maiden
The Ides of March

Cool that Ides survived the first round.


Ancient Mariner
Purgatory is awesome. Funnily enought the best version of it is a cover and not the Maiden original.
This time I actually voted for multiple songs, I'm learning :p


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What can I say, I really don't like the DiAnno era.

It was also for the sake of the joke, I don't mind for example Phantom, Killers, Remember Tomorrow or Purgatory at all... but I still have trouble picking only 7 songs.

Night Prowler

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Voted for Sanctuary, Running Free, Iron Maiden, The Ides Of March, Genghis Khan, Killers and Purgatory.


Greenwich in the Sky
Running Free
Strange World
Iron Maiden
The Ides of March
Prodigal Son

Wow, that was a lot harder than the first round already.