Iron Maiden studio album 17 rumours and speculations

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From this article:
Shirley used the same tools to mix Iron Maiden as for the Led Zeppelin material: Sarm West's J-series SSL desk, with Pro Tools used as a master recorder, though he also mixed to his beloved Ampex ATR102.
"But Steve [Harris] preferred the sound of the digital. Steve also really steered me with the mixes. I first started mixing Dance Of Death like a modern rock record, very loud with a lot of compression. I've mixed a lot of modern rock, bands like Soil and Span and so on, and it's what record companies ask for these days. My Iron Maiden mixes sounded pretty good, but Steve came up to me and said, 'I think that your original rough mixes, without too much finessing and trying to get everything right, sounded cooler.' :facepalm:


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It's a shame as BNW sounds great, and AMOLAD is good (though needs a bit of top and bottom that we most likely would have got if the album was properly mastered)


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There is definitely a difference in aesthetic and writing style when it comes to polished vs rough Maiden. What I disagree with is the idea that them spending more time on the album will somehow make it more polished sounding or more akin to the 80s stuff. The current sound is just the style they’re going for, taking more time on the album won’t change that.


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Steve, what are you doing... such a control... I can't, i just can't.. :facepalm:
Yes, I'm whining like a pig, but production of post 90's Maiden albums is an objective problem. No one can deny it. Period.
'Firepower' may sound little bit sterile, but soundwise, i prefer it over any post reunion Maiden album. Polished Studio Effort, not 'we wanted to replicate our live sound' bullshit. Sorry, guys, i love Maiden, but i can't accept modern production style. (Sorry for my english).


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This Portuguese site sums up all the pictures and rumours that has been discussed in this thread so far:

They says that it's certain that the band is writing/recording the new album.

This particular thing has drew my attention: JAN/2019 - Circulated on social networks that during a show of former Iron Maiden members at the legendary Pub & Horses Pub in London, someone let slip that the band would enter the studio in March.



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I have the feeling that this forum is the source of ironmaiden666.


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That's not what I was getting at. I meant more that, if Nicko was only rumored to be in Paris for a short period of time, one of my first thoughts would be along the lines of "I hope this doesn't mean they've left in a take where he drops the stick just for the sake of it". Again this is baseless speculation based on rumours, but frankly, there's 216 pages of that already in this thread.

I think Nicko spent over a month in Paris, which is plenty of time. It is not as if they spent ages recording The Number of the Beast! ;)

We do not know how much they have done before going into the studio this time. Bruce and Adrian would have probably got together at some point to write songs and I do not think Adrian's visit to the Bahamas (where Steve lives) earlier this year was just to do some sightseeing.
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