IRON MAIDEN REFERENDUM 2020: Results -> Hallowed Be Thy Name wins for the 5th time!

Are you satisfied with the results?

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Yes. This seems like an upset, a surprise to be sure but a welcome one.


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The 90s miasma produces interesting results as we move inevitably towards Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

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Voted for For The Greater Good Of God, The Legacy, Judas Be My Guide, Public Enema Number One, Fates Warning and Run Silent Run Deep.

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Eliminated after Round 17:
Public Enema Number One - 21 votes
Tailgunner - 20 votes
Mother Russia - 17 votes
Be Quick Or Be Dead - 16 votes

Promoted after Round 17:
Afraid To Shoot Strangers
Judas Be My Guide
Fear Of The Dark
No Prayer For The Dying
Fates Warning
Run Silent Run Deep

Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son joins the game!

Dityn DJ James

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Voted for:
  • Moonchild
  • Madness
  • Prophecy
  • Clairvoyant
  • Only the Good Die Young
Iron Maiden really hammered down the songwriting with SiT. Killers through Powerslave all have songs I'll skip when I'm relistening to them (mostly while I'm driving to work, I usually don't skip around on full albums listens when I sit down specifically to listen to that particular album), but 7th Son is one of those no skip albums for me. Not to say it's perfect, no far from it, it still ends up in that rotating spot of 4th-7th in my Maiden rankings, so pretty high for me.

I voted for Moonchild, Madness and the last 3 tracks because Evil That Men Do, Infinite Dreams and the title track are such easy promotions. I think those are obviously the standout cuts. Evil That Men Do (beyond its many wonderful melodies) pushes the boundary of how proggy you can get and how many risks you can take as a heavy metal band in the late 80's while still retaining MASSIVE commercial appeal (and it succeeds flawlessly in this). Infinite Dreams is the cult ballad that everyone wants to see live again; and the title track... I mean come on. Every heavy metal band from Queensrÿche to Kreator, from Megadeth to Entombed, from Mötley Crüe to Cannibal fucking Corpse would love to have even an ounce, no, half an ounce of the atmosphere that Seventh Son of a Seventh Son creates. The last four minutes of that track eclipses most heavy metal band's entire careers.
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Ben Breeg, Legacy. Thought about the The Prophecy but then didn't vote for it...I want to keep everything from Seventh Son :D


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Brighter than a thousand Suns
The Prophecy
Can i play with Madness


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I'm going with the grain and voting Madness and Prophecy. After that I might vote The Clairvoyant, but there's no way I choose between the other 5. It's only going to be harder with my favourite album coming in next...

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Voted for For The Greater Good Of God, The Legacy, Moonchild, Can I Play With Madness and The Prophecy.


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Tough round.
With the arrival of Seventh Son Lord Of Light, The Legacy and Thousand Suns join my least favorites of the lot automatically.
As for the remaining 2 picks it's one hell of a quandary because Seventh Son's least excellent tunes are on a really even and high standard.
But nevertheless I'll vote The Evil That Man Do due to overplay fatigue and Only The Good Die Young.

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For the Greater Good of God, The Legacy, Moonchild, Can I Play with Madness, The Prophecy, Only the Good Die Young

Strongest round so far. Hope Ben Breeg survives the round, I doubt it though.


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Can I Play With Madness is one the most underrated songs on this site.
Is it just the bright chorus? Because the energy is through the roof and there is a hell of a lot going on musically in such a short song. How many “singles” pack in so many tempo shifts?