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Ancient Mariner
A friend of mine from work moonlights as a photo editor for LA Record, a webzine that covers music. At my suggestion, she attended the Irvine show to take photos (not a metal fan, she nevertheless said the show was awesome). Here is a link to the photos she published: I think they are pretty darn good -- these are "pro-shot" from the photographers' well directly in front of the stage. Warning: the linked website contains spoilers, including the full set list.


Ancient Mariner

Piece of Mind era.


Ancient Mariner
Behold: Iron Maiden with both Bruce and Blaze!

Seriously: this is Blaze Bailey then with Wolfsbane with Iron Maiden in 1990 when Wolfsbane was opening for Maiden.


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This one is new to me and this does not happen often. :) Thanks, Foro!
I have a similar one, though.