Iron Maiden/Judas Priest DC++ Lossless Hub



We are opening a Judas Priest & Iron Maiden lossless hub for DC++ at the Metal Bootleg Database.

A Few Points About The Hub:

  • This is a lossless hub only. NO MP3.
  • You may share DVD's if you want.
  • To start with this will be a Iron Maiden/Judas Priest lossless hub. If it does well and we have many people who want to trade other bands then we will turn it into a metal lossless hub for all bands.
  • The hub will be 24/7
  • The hub will accept newbies with no list.
  • There will be no minimum share requirement until you have been in the hub for 30 days. After that you will need to share at least 2gb. If you have stuff to share please do share to begin with.
  • You will need to have one slot open if you are sharing anything in the hub.
  • A MD5 Checksum will be needed for every boot.
  • You need only to post in this thread if you want to join the hub. There is NO post limit for hubbers.
  • All things that are shared will be bootlegs. No programs or official material.
  • You can share other bands in this hub, but it will be mostly Iron Maiden & Judas Priest stuff.
  • When downloading, only download one show from the same person. Do not queue up several shows from the same person to download.

This hub I'm hoping to advertise with DC++ in the public hubs area. However they will need to have an account to get into the hub and I will have a page that comes up telling them where they need to go to get an account. I may not be able to get it into the public hubs I have not checked that yet.

There will also be a special area on the web page that only hubbers can see. I'm hoping that this area we can have your lists posted if you want to post them there. I will have to check into this though.

All you need to join the hub is to register at the MBD Forums and then post in the sticky thread.