Iron Maiden jigsaw puzzles

Black Wizard

Pleb Hunter
A bit of Iron Maiden news way more exciting than a new album:

Among other bands such as Judas Priest and Slayer, 500piece jigsaw puzzles of Iron Maiden album covers are now available to buy for £17.50 from Rock Saws.



These look great. I want them.


Ancient Mariner
I'm into jigsaw puzzles and…I don't know if take some of them Really I'm not very interested. I've got a IMFC Somewhere in Time and Powerslaves big posters so I think I don't need these puzzles. And sold trough a facebook page, well…
Have they licence to sell this? Where's Rod? :D

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner


Ancient Mariner
I like puzzles, I have over 20 puzzles of 1000 pieces each. I like fine art theme and some surrealistic themes too like the MC Escher drawings.
I haven't any of these ones and any music related, I don't like them I don't know why because I love Maiden's album covers (and I have a lot of posters) but I don't find any motivation to make puzzles from album covers.

CA Bryers

Educated Fool
I'm in the middle of trying to get all of them, but they're getting scarce locally. Haven't put any together yet, but I've got Killers, PoM, LaD, and SiT. Looking forward to the new set coming, and pleasantly surprised they're including the Blaze albums' covers.