Iron Maiden in the strangest places


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Sometimes an Iron Maiden song shows up in the most unexpected places. I remember some years ago on a Belgian evening talk show. One of the guests was an actor who also sung opera. The house band introduced him by playing a part of Phantom Of The Opera. :cool:
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TNOTB is played on the ''Sons a Witches'' episode of South Park.
Also in the ''Imaginationland'' episodes, you can see Eddie among the evil characters after the wall breaks.

In the movie Hot Tub Time Machine, one of the main characters wears a Killers shirt most of the time.

Seen a bunch more but those spring to mind.


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Evan Dando of Lemonheads (indie garage pop band de rigeur in early 90's) sporting a TNOTB tshirt at a celeb even in 1996. think I saw it in like People magazine and was like whoa! nice!


Found in a lost world
Everybody remembers that one line from Teenage Dirtbag, but people seem to forget that there's another side to that story. Bruce was featured on a remix of their song, Wannabe Gangstar. The song is crap and all Bruce does is scream a bit at the end, but there's that.
Actually I was refering to the Wheatus song Truffles.
"Cause I saw her outside suckin' d*** in the bathroom of the bus of the Iron Maiden cover band"
But you´re right about the Wannabe Gangstar remix with Bruce. If memory serves me well Bruce´s son was into Wheatus that time? Might be wrong though.