Iron Maiden - EN VIVO - Live from Estadio Nacional, Santiago!!


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I got the Blu Ray from Amazon in the mail yesterday. I watched the documentary, which was interesting. A bit of overlap with Flight 666, but overall I thought it was quite good. I'll probably watch the concert later today.


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I'm sure you were occupied with different things, Foro. :)
But yeah... I don't have it either, yet. Incidentally, it was the same with all recent non-album releases. I got the Live After Death DVD pretty soon after it came out, but didn't rush into the store just for it. With Flight 666, I just happened to see it in the record store and thought to myself, "Oh right, that's out" and got it. I did end up enoying both releases very much, and I know I will enjoy this one too. It's just not that important to get my fingers on it right away. Especially because this is, well, just another Maiden live album. There's already loads of them, and I'm not particularly eager on this one. I'm sure it is great, but I don't think I would miss it if it wouldn't exist.


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I didn't dare to say it earlier on, but now you've started it: The same goes for me.

Same here. Haven't gotten it yet, and part of me is wondering whether its a smart move to get it over here and not wait till I'm over the pond. Its just one more thing that needs packing. I'll watch it for sure, but wait on the buying. :cool:


It is a very good live show... all the new songs sound amazing other than bruce warming up as has been mentioned elsewhere but thats to be expected, dance of death is great as always and a different swing on the wicker man intro is even better. the only problem for me is i find the rest of the set very samey and i have one too many live eversions of blood brothers already... overall worthit for the new songs but otherwise its rock in rio but more treble and with dance of death come back in time.


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Yesterday I happened to be in the city center and bought both the DVD and the CD. First I watched the documentary (pretty nice and interesting moments) and then I listened to the CD. Will watch the DVD some time later.

I've only listened once but pretty sure Adrian's El Dorado solo happens on the right side of stage..

Indeed but not only the solo. All the stuff he plays. So it's not that Shirley switched the amigos within the same song. They stay where they are.

It's like this (on the CD at least):
Left channel: Dave
Middle channel: Adrian
Right channel: Janick

except for these three songs:

El Dorado, When the Wild Wind Blows & Hallowed Be Thy Name
Left channel: Dave
Middle channel: Janick
Right channel: Adrian

Actually I had a great deal of fun listening to this stuff on my headphones.
Everytime when a song started, I tried to guess a.s.a.p. which guitarist is where.
Besides that, I hear lots of things Adrian is doing, and I missed that seeing them live. He does some unexpected short licks in various songs and it certainly makes the whole better.
I like the ending of Hallowed, all guitars make noise but in a different and cool manner.

Bruce sounds quite rough at times. Some people will not like what I say now but during a few songs it isn't much different from his early nineties era. So if people are over the moon by all his vocals on En Vivo, I'd say, why not give these older albums (both studio and live albums) another spin, because "all of a sudden" you might appreciate his voice. If not, then I expect more criticism, instead of walhalla comments only. ;)

The guitars sound a little soft in the mix, especially the rhythm parts (or are they more compressed than usual?) Perhaps it was a choice to get the audience more in the foreground, or the drums. Haven't listened often enough to judge that well.


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Watching the DVD right now. The doc was awesome, maybe better than Flight 666. The concert is really good too. The filmography is great, and the split screen stuff is cool. It's really cool to see the stage on a DVD, it's interesting to me personally because it is the first time a Maiden tour that I went to was released on DVD. So overall it definitely beats Death on the Road, and it comes close to the SBIT DVD. I prefer when the DVD is the same concert throughout.

Forostar said:
If not, then I expect more criticism on this release, instead of walhalla comments only.
But with new Maiden releases, that's a given. :p


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I agree Forostar. It's quite hard to hear all three guitarist at times. And, like you, I missed quite a lot of the "detail" (H's little fills etc) live; unless of course he wasn't doing all that stuff. You just can't quite take it all in when actually there. Totally different experience. But, overall, I think the guitar work is as good as it's ever sounded. I thought vocally Bruce was pretty tight. I don't recall any poor sections, or anywhere I felt he was really struggling; he pretty much went for every note. Steve & Nicko... not much comment: tight as always. I like the mix, although I can't say it really reflects what it sounded like when I heard them live. Haven't any plans to rush out & buy the DVD though.


I pre-ordered the Blu Ray on amazon because I had a gift certificate that I needed to use, and stupid amazon won't even ship the thing until next Monday. I'm stuck with my crappy download right now. Amazon sucks.


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"It's a brand new song from 1982, I believe," said Bruce during the 2MTM intro :D


The DVD version has the PCM Stereo track, so I don't see why the Blu-Ray would have anything different.

Thanks for the information.
I received my En Vivo Blu-Ray last night from Amazon. Sure enough, the PCM soundtrack is the main audio option.
I was a bit concerned because the only stereo option the Flight 666 BD featured was a weak 256kbps 2.0 Dolby Digital stream.
The video quality of En Vivo is stunning! I could do without all of the split screen nonsense.
However, $17 for a complete HD pro shot recording of a 2011 Final Frontier concert is a fair deal to me.
I'm pleased!


Really enjoying the DVD. Again and again the thought running through my head: "this is no ordinary band". Everyone is on spectacular form from what I've seen so far.

Interesting editing during 'The Wicker Man' - Dave switches from a Strat to a Les Paul then back again.


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Haven't seen the DVD --is this another one of these special guitar changes? (--otherwise known as poor editing.)

Ranko, noticed that 1982 Brucie moment too. You believe wrong Brucie! (--unless he heard it a few years before we did!)


I think En Vivo is one of the greatest live performances of Iron Maiden I've ever heard and seen. Already watched it twice in full, with some favorite songs being played repeatedly. When The Wild Wind Blows was pretty much "meh" to me on the album. But hearing it live has changed my view on the song, and it has skyrocketed to becoming one of my favorite Maiden songs ever.

The documentary is cool, showing off more of the technical aspects that go into Iron Maiden concerts. Watched that once so far, but then again it is only a documentary.

Who am I kidding though? Iron Maiden could play a concert that consisted only of nursery rhymes and I would probably love it.


The documentary is as detailed a view of the band's touring regimen this time around as you could wish for. I can't think of another band that would willingly offer up this much detail for obsessives like us to pore over.

Three to four days to attach the decals on the plane, you say? New carpets in Ed Force One? Or should I say G-STRX? Is there a fire station near here? Don't fall into that, that's all live! Air traffic control is under quite some stress at the moment... Pete Cornish switching system; wireless for when he likes to swing the guitar around his head. We don't go to eleven here, as you can see, we only go to ten. Tuning's got to be bang on, you got nine toms... Janick's trousers are still a bit wet. Seven to eleven mics on the audience... All mixed in with a relentless chorus of "MAIDEN!! MAIDEN!!".

As fans we can't really ask for much more from a band DVD. Yes, it's the party line view of life in the Maiden crew, and yes, it omits the itemised groupie list that might be of interest to those deeply-versed in the world of perversion, but it's impossible to forget that this is living, breathing rock and roll of the finest quality that mankind has to offer. The sheer man-hours this documentary convinces you must have gone into the tour makes the average gig seem non-existent. The level of organisation and forward planning is terrifying. I get mildly stressed about whether to take my amp and gear with me to work or not before the gig, and how long it'll take to help the drummer pack his gear away after the set! For the average working musician, there is no need to worry about graphic designers, airport protocol and alternative budgets based on the price of fuel.

The Maiden touring unit has gone way beyond the music: this is a monumental art project that works through many disciplines and has covered the globe many times over. We are lucky to have lived through this time. This is no ordinary band.