Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie


Out of the Silent Planet
Some ideas for what the covers of some live albums (or one of the artworks in the albums booklets) should have been:

The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter:

1) Eddie in front of a Mayan pyramid in a jungle setting (more detailed than the one in the album booklet... aka the ''real'' cover of the album).
2) Eddie looking at a book (of souls) on a table with torches.
3) Eddie inside the pyramid.
4) Eddie on top of the pyramid in front of an altar with a spear in one hand with dark clouds/rainy setting (we can see such a scene in the video of ''Speed Of Light'', iirc).

En Vivo!:

1) Eddie and his ship on a unknown planet.
2) inside view of Eddie piloting his spaceship.

Death On The Road:

1) Eddie sitting on a throne in a dark castle (although then the title should be different).

Rock In Rio:

1) Cloud Eddie in full-length in the sky/clouds with thunder in one hand and city in the sky as a background.

Live At Donington '92:

1) The bat Eddie is great, but Eddie as a werewolf (as the original idea of the band was) would have been pretty good too.

Maiden England:

1) Eddie made of ice.


Out of the Silent Planet
Mark Wilkinson's sketches for ''The Wicker Man'' cover:

- Eddie's teeth are shown, his head is on fire, he's in a different pose and there's a Wolfman among the people.


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