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However I will always stand by the notion Derek Riggs should be the only artist who paints Eddie.

I dislike Rod Smallwood attitude towards him over the years, as if he’s just another artist who can be disposed of as they see fit.

Although I acknowledge Derek wasn’t putting much effort into his Eddies from NPFTD onwards..

One of Rigg’s biggest gripes was that Rod wouldn’t give him sufficient time and notice to paint or come up with an idea...

I loved it in the 80s when kids adopted Riggs logo as also the bands logo and they would scribe the logo on school books
This. Maiden owes their merchandising empire to him and they treated him like a lowly employee. Had there been any justice, Riggs would be a millionaire by now.


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I absolutely love that drawing from the Stratego cover. Eddie's face on it (which is supposed to be a mask, I guess?) isn't overly grotesque, I like it.
Yeah, it's only the head with a mask, but Eddie looks cool. I like the red colour of the cover a lot and the signs on both sides. Btw, the cover looks like it is from a parchment... ;)

-> the different logo of the band is the most unique thing for this cover.

stratego single cover.jpg


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The two albums in Maiden's discography with double covers -> The X Factor and Senjutsu.


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