Iron Maiden - artworks with Eddie


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Looks cool but if it's a timeline thing there are several errors : Viking raids come before Montsegur, Mayflower before Crimean War, and ofc Paschendale comes before the airship not in between WW2 stuff.


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The process of creating the AMOLAD album cover.

It seems that the cover has a couple of changes through the whole process of creating it. Look at picture #4 - Eddie is different (like on pic #3).

Thanks @The_7th_one for finding them. :)


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The process of creating the AMOLAD album cover.

It seems that the cover has a couple of changes through the whole process of creating it. Look at picture #4 - Eddie is different (like on pic #3) and there is one skull soldier in front that looks like pirate - he should have keep him... bloody dude! :D

Thanks @The_7th_one for finding them. :)
Yeah, I like the sketches. Eddie is smiling and he wears short trousers. And the corpses are awesome


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There are the live albums and compilations:
Donnington 92 (Bat Eddie) alternative album cover was illustrated for Mark Wilkinson.
Death on the Road and compilation From Fear to Eternity (Melvyn Grant)
Eddies Archives Box set coffin (Mark Wilkinson)


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It's taken from the book: The Art of Metal: Five decades of Heavy Metal Album covers. The page dedicated to Maiden appears an unseen Eddie (at least for me) and I think is an artwork from Derek Riggs, because the people part is very similar to Maiden England and Ten years (Judge Eddie). It's interesting. And the other one…I don't know


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Out of the Silent Planet
Info about the artists that have done covers with Eddie:

Live albums:

Derek Riggs - Live After Death, A Real Live One/A Real Dead One, BBC Archives, Beast Over Hammersmith and Maiden England (1988).
Mark Wilkinson - Live At Donington '92 (bat Eddie).
Peacock - Rock In Rio.
Melvyn Grant - Death On The Road and En Vivo! (Peacock is also credited for En Vivo!).
Hervé Monjeaud - Maiden England '88 (2013 artwork for the DVD) and The Book Of Souls: Live Chapter.
Akirant Illustration - Nights Of The Dead.

Compilation albums:

Derek Riggs - Best Of The Beast and Somewhere Back In Time The Best Of: 1980-1989.
Synthetic Dimensions - Ed Hunter
Mark Wilkinson - Best Of The 'B' Sides
Tom Adams - Edward The Great (Peacock is also credited..... some sources says Derek Riggs).
Melvyn Grant - From Fear To Eternity The Best Of: 1990-2010.


Derek Riggs - all singles from Running Free to HBTN '93 (including ''Woman In Uniform'') and Virus.
Hugh Syme - Man On The Edge, Lord Of The Flies and the other 2 covers for Virus.
Synthetic Dimensions - TAATG (cover #2 and cover #3 are by Derek Riggs) and Futureal (the poster for the single was made by Derek Riggs).
Mark Wilkinson - The Wicker Man, Out Of The Silent Planet and Speed Of Light (it's basically the album cover).
Melvyn Grant - The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg.
Anthony Dry - El Dorado, S15... TFF and Coming Home (Peacock is also credited).
Hervé Monjeaud - Empire Of The Clouds.

! Wildest Dreams - ?
Different World - ?
The Writing On The Wall - ?
Stratego - ?


Derek Riggs - Maiden Japan.
David Patchett - No More Lies.

Box Sets:

Derek Riggs - The First Ten Years
Mark Wilkinson - Eddie's Archive box.

Video albums:

Derek Riggs - Live At The Rainbow, 12 Wasted Years, Raising Hell and The History Of Iron Maiden - Part 1: The Early Days (Peacock is also credited).
Peacock - Visions Of The Beast DVD.

Tour posters/related stuff:

Akirant Illustration - Legacy Of The Beast tour Eddie.
Dan Mumford - FOI and Revelations t-shirts artworks for LOTB tour.
Hervé Monjeaud - several t-shirts and tour posters/event designs.
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Hugh Syme - Man On The Edge and Lord Of The Flies
Hugh Syme also made 2 versions of Virus

Futureal - ?

The CGI version was done by Synthetic Dimensions and the illustrated one (inlay poster) is by mr. Derek Riggs

BTW: No More Lies' cover was the only part of Dance Of Death that was somehow near to final art. It was made by David Patchett and it features a close up of DOD's Eddie.



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You're both pretty much correct. :p The close up from the album cover indeed served as a cover art for the promo single, while the comic book style artwork was used in the UK event shirt, but is technically a third single cover, in line with the El Dorado and TFF promo art. Those three would've made pretty cool 7" singles. #easymoneygrab