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I don't really care what the isolated tracks sound like as long everything sounds fine together. I like NOTB's production.

The recent vinyl master is a bit bland though. Not sure if the original sounded that way but the early CD sounds great to me.


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Is this the 1 year itch?
One has been celebrated as a classic record for 34 years, the other has been out a year. The latter is winning. Go figure

Ask me in 34 years... I might not even will have listened to Maiden in quite some time, but I'm pretty sure my answer's going to be the same.

Many albums have been "celebrated as a classic," but the popular opinion has its flaws.

For what it's worth, NOTB is probably my least favourite Maiden album, probably even below Killers, Hallowed and Prisoner (and maybe 22AA) notwithstanding.


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Yet another tie! This one will be a nail biter.


So hard to choose here.
SIT is better, not because of the MIDI, than POM. In my POV.

^The virus called online language.


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Apart from the over all sound of SIT which I don't like,
I have only one track from SIT in my top 25 (Alexander at 19), I have two from POM in top 25 (Revelations at 6, Where Eagles Dare at 17) both higher ranked than Alexander.

2 other SIT tracks I rank as very good:
Wasted Years
Stranger in a Strange Land

But 4 POM tracks at very good:
Flight of Icarus
Die with Your Boots On
The Trooper
Still Life

It's not even close, POM is a clear winner in my book.


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Yep, the newbies have negative opinions on Somewhere in Time and the nineties. Let's hope it changes again, in a while.
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