IRON MAIDEN ALBUM REFERENDUM 2020: Round 15; Final Battle: Powerslave vs. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son

Vote for your LEAST favorite album(s):

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Poison Godmachine
I really believed TBoS could at least make it to second of the millennium albums, so sad that it didn't. Continuing with POM, BNW, and AMOLAD


Ancient Mariner
4 of the 80's albums are better than any of the reunion albums, that doesn't mean I hate them. I nominated 3 of them for the "greatest metal album" game and would also have nominated DOD and TFF but I thought 10 Maiden albums was enough:lol:


And I should contemplate this change
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Maidenfans and Maiden fans.

Sorry folks, but the consensus seems to be that new Maiden isn’t aging well.

Niall Kielt

Pulled Her At The Bottle Top
For quite a while I thought the reunion era was the best period of Maiden and as every album came out I thought it was their best. Now I have reverted to the Golden Age. Who knows what the years will bring and how the dust will settle.

Edit - Golden Age being 1975-81
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