Irish/Celtic music

Well since today is St Pattys Day of course I'm in the mood for anything Irish/Celtic sounding, hopefully there's some other Celtic music fans here, I love it!

I like the Dropkick Murphys, The Pogues, and The Young Dubliners


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Spirit of the West. Love these guys. From my part of the world and a great live act.



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I love me some Irish music. Just got done playing a set full of traditional tunes last night and now my throat hurts!

If you like Dropkick Murphys, check out Flogging Molly. If you like The Pogues, check out The Tossers.

As for anything else, I generally prefer the more traditional sounding stuff: The Dubliners, The Wolfe Tones, The Irish Rovers, Planxty, Gaelic Storm, even newer polished stuff like The High Kings.

I've been really get into Dick Gaughan (Scottish) recently. He's got one of the most interesting voices I've ever heard and he plays a guitar like a beast. It honestly sounds to me like he either plays every song in free time and just follows his vocal for chord changes, or he has the most complex rhythmic patterns I've ever heard in folk music:

Well since today is St Pattys Day

Yes, St. Patricia was a lovely lass.

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I really like early Clannad, basically everything up to Magical Ring. Also Iona, they're very Celtic but with less traditional aspects such as synthesizer "soundscapes" and electric guitars and basses.

Most things folky are fine by me - I'm a big fan of Bellowhead as I may have mentioned. Okay they're not Celtic/Irish/Scottish but don't discount the English stuff, there's more to it than Scarborough Fair, though it's often passed over. Alestorm, though not "trad", are nonetheless very folky, also Jethro Tull circa Heavy Horses/Songs from the Wood. Pogues, Dubliners, Dropkick Murphys et al - I'll never complain about hearing any of that sort of stuff.
Flogging Molly are ok, I only like one song, "Rebels of the Sacred Heart", i dunno, to me they just kinda sound like a weak Dropkick Murphys


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Dropkick Murphys are a little too punk for me and their singer really, really sucks sometimes. When I'm in the mood for loud Irish music they're great, but if I listen too long I just get annoyed at how limited their singer is. The guy in Flogging Molly is at least more pleasing to the ear and I appreciate that they incorporate more folk instruments into the music.


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I was suckered into Clannad thanks to ITV's Robin of Sherwood :blush: but lost enthusiasm when Enya had that run of chart hits. My parents used to listen to quite a bit of 60s/70s folk, usually the popular end like The Dubliners and Lindisfarne. I grew up on a heady mix of folk and prog.


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I don't listen to traditional Irish or Celtic music that much but I do like a lot of psychedelic folk and folk rock/metal groups.