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Ah yes, the endless world of weirdos. Who do you dig? Who tickles your craze? Is it the late Kim Jong Il? Maybe The Simpson character "Crazy Cat Lady", or perhaps George Lucas, who is in his own league of madness?

Who are your top 5 weirdos?`If you decide to humor me and participate, please provide a description or motivation of your choice if you feel it's appropriate.

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The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
Dennis Rodman would be my candidate. Aside from all the craziness he took part in during his active basketball career (be it the absurd dresses, colourful hairstyles, horizontal jumping on the court or sleeping with Carmen Electra and Madonna) he recently visited North Korea to show that it isn't too bad out there. Yeah, right.


After the war?
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thousand_suns and that guy from my Persian class who bashed the teacher against the wall with the door once.


After the war?
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There was this guy taking Persian class with me who was in his thirties and apparently a complete failure at whatever he started. No wonder too, because he would always be late by a good margin. And when I say always, I mean always, and when I say by a good margin, I mean by a good margin. It went to the level that we would place bets every morning at how late he'd be, and anything from 30-45 minutes was deemed realistic. He once came in five minutes before the class ended. He would also always storm into class ripping the door open and exclaiming loudly and in horribly accented Farsi how sorry he was for being late.

Anyway, this one morning, our teacher, a tiny person was standing by the whiteboard in the corner explaining something, and the corner was right next to the door. Now, right as she stood there, our friend stormed in, ripped open the door and slammed it in the corner, and against her head. We only heard a muffled "ow!", and the guy sat down at his desk looking around and asking us where the teacher was. The rest of us sat there with eyes wide open incapable of saying anything and pointing to the corner. He turned around, and apologised in his terribly accented Farsi. A true legend.

Black Abyss Babe

My old french teacher, who used to put chalk "mirror" writing on his board ruler and then whack someone across the backside with it, so that they had chalk writing across the seat of their trousers ...