How Well Off Are We?


Ancient Mariner
I remember before Christmas there was a drive to raise cash for the dedicated server, just wondered if the situation has changed or are you still accepting donations? I couldn't find the page I did it from last time...


Real World Founder
I'm not accepting donations at present as I prefer to raise money in other ways without the "something for nothing" approach of donations. At present we ALMOST hit the necessary amount of funding each month via people clicking on google ads. We also get a small amount of cash when people purchase merch through our site. At present anything not covered is paid for by me. At some point I may need to add donations boxes but not just yet.

Real World Founder
Thanks. The click through value depends on the ad. Some ads are worth more than others - I dont know how much each is worth though.
Clicking on the ads does help us a great deal though

Real World Founder
The googley ads have returned. Please support your favourite maiden fansite by clicking them if you see something interesting