Help finding archived BBs from Blaze era

Helmuth Von Moltke

Educated Fool
I just joined a couple of hours ago to ask if anyone could direct me towards any archived internet chat forums from 1998. I want to read what Maiden fans were posting about Virtual XI when it was unleashed at the time. The whole Blaze Bayley era is fascinating to me.
Hi. Not archived but I recall the Iron Maiden official forum from 1998 very well since that's around when I joined.

It was badly split, like a civil war. Young fans like me, some of us loved VX11 (I was 16/17 at the time, so impressionable to new material). Older fans mainly were agnostic or hated it. I personally defended the album and actually preferred it to accident of birth (shock!). I just preferred the Harris way of writing long musical passages, like in Clansman and Educated Fool, even if VX11 obviously wasn't a perfect album.

Real civil war feel... Carla and Kelly other people I met once or twice posted incessantly on the official forum back then. I met lots of these people at the 1998 and 2000 FC conventions. A very divided fanbase (and a shrinking one at that).