Hello, old maiden fan; new maidenfans member



A fellow Maiden fan from Sweden here, listened to Iron Maiden since I was in fifth grade/12 years old... and boy, that was 16 years ago.

Well, I love music and my new hobby is to collect and listen to vinyls. I've been collecting for approx. 1.5 years now so I'm not totally new to this thing/format. Lets cut to the chase, I would love to get some help from you guys here.

I've just bought some albums at a local store in Sweden (60% of my albums is bought from discogs however) which has a super nice owner, we trust each other and usually have some friendly chitchat.

The records I bought were one of my favorites; the x factor. I also bought the virtual xi, a brave new world and fear of the dark. the first three is abit harder to get a hold off.. and they are well, expensive to me. But we have talked about them before, and they kept popping up in my mind, I had to buy them. And I feel safer buying them from a local store (and its more fun, and I want to support him).

I've checked the serial number printed on the vinyl itself on all albums, and they seem to check out. But I do have some questions about mainly the Virtual XI album and the A brave new world album.

regarding virtual xi:

it has the serial number 494 638 and there is "sean a66ey" printed to the left of it. I've found one source when I've googled that says this is correct for the UK OG release. BUT I felt the vinyls weighs more than ordinary ones, and yup. I weighted it and it said something like 186grams on the scale.

regarding the a brave new world:

the serial number is correct for the OG UK Picture disc release, it says 5266061 however there is no ingravement from the person who has pressed it. This too, weighs around 185+grams.


The shop owner told me he bought a big collection of Iron maiden vinyls, all from the same dedicated fan. All albums except the Fear of the dark album where bought from this person. I've payed a price accordingly to the market, there is one thing that makes me feel uneasy and that is the weight. Can you please verify the correct weight for these vinyls?

I know there even is a 180gram reissue of the a brave new world vinyl...................... so why does this supposedly 2000 UK Picture disc weigh something like that, 180+ grams? I know it's a picture disc, maybe they weigh more, but what about the Virtual XI vinyl then, which is black?

sorry for the long post, I wanted to introduce myself and explain the whole situation accordingly. Hopefully you can help me out. I've got some pictures I can upload if needed.

Thank you, and you'll surely see me around here from now on! :)


Thank you guys :)

Btw I was going to post this in the trading forum instead, thought that would be more suitable.

However I'm not able to do so, for what reasons may that be.


Hehe alright:p

Is there anyone that could help me out here? I'm always suspicious and look carefully at the vinyls I buy to be sure it's legit.

The thing is I don't even know how these bootlegs/unofficial vinyls get produced, who manifacture them, who makes the sleeves etc?

I would be 99% sure these records are legit if it wasn't for their high weight, but maybe a correct looking sleeve and a correct printed serial number on the vinyl isn't enough.

I will probably contact a person who personally owns these albums and ask for help I guesso_O