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Heard the album... [Thread contains spoilers]

Discussion in 'A Matter Of Life And Death' started by The Saint, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. The Saint

    The Saint Powerslave Staff Member

    This thread is full of spoilers. Read at your own risk

    Don't know where that spoilers option went, so even if I'm not revealing anything, those not wanting to hear anything about the new album: get off !

    For the rest of you. I won't spoil it (sorry). Make what you want of these words:

    Speechless. Daring. Maidenesque. Progressive. Controversy.

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Heard the album...

    Very disapointing imo. None of the songs have anything catchy even after multiple listens. I can't remember a single one except some part of Colours don't run. Also, I hate the part where they yell 'god!' in The Greater Good of God.

    Most of the songs, except for The Legacy and Brighter Than a Thousand Suns don't have that little special taste of their own, especially vs songs like Paschendale and Dance of Death. And no song is as hard, fast and cool as Montsegur

    I didn't mind it being "progressive" since I liked Rainmaker alot. But nothing stands out and makes me wan't to listen to it again. I didnt find the songs bad ( except for Benjamin Breeg ), but none of them have that special thing

    Atleast Different World isnt as bad as Wildest dreams...but far from The Wickerman

    Well then atleast the album cover is cool....unlike it's name..
  3. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Heard the album...

    Got Out Of the Shadows so far. Surpassed all expectations, better than anything IM have ever done. But that may change as I get more songs.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Heard the album...

    I wasn't impressed until I got to "For the Greater Good of God", after that, I believe it's their best album ever.

    It's a whole new thing, incredible, I'm really happy with this album.

    I was like  :-[ but after tracks 8 and 9 I was  :eek: and now on my second listen I'm  :wacko:

    Great album, I guess you'll have to get into it, good thing it's already into me, I love it. 10/10. Thank you Iron Maiden.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Heard the album...

    I´ve just finished listening and I have to agree with the previous poster.
    The 3 last tracks are incredible, out of this world.
    Especially The Legacy, why are people always questioning Janick? This has got to be the best ending song, maybe ever! I love it.

    Still, I can´t help being a little dissapointed. It´s not a bad album, it´s actually one of the best in a long long time from Iron Maiden but I had expected more songs similar to those 3 in the end.

    I really think this is a growing album. The 4 songs I heard before the big leak grew on me after a few listens and I think there might be more songs that can do that. After a first listen I would give it a 8/10, but who knows, it is not impossible that I´ll think of this as THE Iron Maiden album of all time in a few weeks.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Re: Heard the album...

    Very dull. Most of the songs are long-winded, with more than a few unnecessary time changes, and there's a big 'X-Factor'-type vibe meets 70's heavy rock. That'll be welcomed by some but not others.

    It's hardly a 5/5 album; more like 3/5. The most exciting, or rather nostalgic, moment is 1 min 39 secs into 'Lord of Light' when it suddenly changes into something resembling classic galloping 80s Maiden. But that's it. Contrary to other reviews, the album isn't very heavy (there’s nothing to compare with Montsegur) and the production isn't great; Bruce's vocal struggles against the instruments at times.

    Roll on the next Bruce/Roy Z collaboration.
  7. Djaser

    Djaser Trooper

    So much contradicting ratings, it makes me hope that they made a special album this time that's good but maybe not suited for everyone.
    I'm not going to download it that would spoil all the fun.
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Those of you who heard the songs... What's your opinion on The Longest Day? No one seems to mention it.
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    It's such a complicated album, I love it, it's so unexpected, I wasn't into the time changes the first listen until track 8, after that I'm totally crazy about 'em. You don't think they are coming and all of the sudden BANG, sometimes it's like 2, 3 different songs playing at the same time.

    I'm totally in love with this album, I told my friend I think we might have to take it to #1 overall.

    It's been compared to old school, x factor, seventh son and prog, I mean, it has it all.

    I can't get enough For the Greater Good of God  ^_^
  10. Feehan

    Feehan Prowler

    well up till now i had only heard different worlds, brighter than... and the reincarnation... and i was really happy with all 3 songs i think different worlds is my favourite album opener since well maybe ever for me cause it gets me really in the mood. TROBB shouldnt of been the first single but i think its a great album song and i think really sets the tone for the album is going to be like (i havent heard the whole album yet). BTATS is one of my favourite maiden songs but even on the first couple of listens i wasnt to keen on the song and the "e + mc squared you cant relate" line made me cringe but ill probly find out what it means.

    Today i saw that the album had been leaked and resisted temptation to download it and that lasted for about 5 minutes but i was good and only downloaded one song and thats my lot i thought i might aswell get These Colours Dont Run so i would be able to listen to the 1st 3 on the album and get a feel for it. Once again i think its a quality song and from what ive read from the reviews further up the page about the first 4 songs not being up to standards im crapping my pants with the prospect of the rest of the album.

  11. canadaman

    canadaman Invader

    It's great, the first thing is the chorus, it's very powerful. I'd really like to have the lyrics though, from what I was able to gather their brilliant.
  12. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Iv'e been busy doing the lyrics ^_^

    So far iv'e done Out of the Shadows, The Legacy, For the Greater Good of God, and The Longest Day
    (Got Different World, Breeg and Brighter than a Thousand suns, but i didn't do them..)

    Some things i cant make out obviously, the main thing missing is the pre-chorus, but here's what i have anyway..

    "In the gloom the gathering storm awaits
    And the ships ... eyes await
    The call to arms, too hammer at the gates
    To blow them wide throw evil to it's fate

    All summers long, the drills to build the machine
    To turn men from flesh and blood too steel
    ... soldiers to body's on the beach
    From summer sands too armegeddon's reach

    Overlord your master not your god
    The enemy coast dawning in the sky
    These wretched souls, puking shaking fear
    To take a bullet for those who sent them here

    The walls are ... ,the cliffs erupt in flames
    No escape, remorseless sharpnel waits
    drowning men, no chance for a warriors fate
    a choking death, enter hells gate..

    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?

    The rising dead, faces bloated, torn
    They are relieved, the living wait their turn
    Your numbers up, the bullets got your name
    You still go on, too hell and back again

    Valhalla waits, the killing rises and ...
    The warrior tomes, lie open for a soul
    A ghostly hand, reaches through the veil
    Blood and sand, We will prevail!

    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?

    (Adrian Solo)

    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?
    How long, on this longest day till we finally make it home?"
  13. canadaman

    canadaman Invader

    Good job, Bruce is definately the best lyricst in Maiden. This is more proof.
  14. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I don't know if this applies everywhere but if release date is on monday usually stores get it on tuesdays so you should double check on the store you're getting it.

    Also I forgot to mention that this seems like Steve flashed a green light to the three amigos 'cause the guitar work on the album is outstanding.
  15. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I've heard the album a few times now (at home and in a speeding car) and I think its great. One thing I don't agree with is that it is a quantum leap from the last 2 records.  I love BNW and DOD and I think AMOLAD is about on par with them. Maybe edging out DOD for consistancy.  Here is a run-down:

    Different World: Didn't like the 'Thin Lizzy' low vocals style chorus at first but now I love the track. Gets you excited for the new album. 8/10

    These Colours Don't Run: Classic w/ anthemic chorus.  Reminds me of the Trooper for some reason (not musically but thematically). This song will be sung by ALL during the concerts. 10/10

    Brighter than a Thousand Suns: Heavy riff ala Metallica and very long-morphing-prog.  It is one of the heaviest IM songs ever! 10/10

    The Pilgrim:  Upbeat Powerslavesque guitar scale rocker.  A much needed breather as the last 2 tracks are perfect 10s but this is definatly not filler! 8/10

    The Longest Day:  Yet another perfect track. Pascendale 2 though not as complex as its predecessor.  A very dynamic song (heavy-gripping verse, melodic-sombre chorus) with no bridge for a smoother transition but it works great. 10/10

    Out of the Shadows: Sounds like a Bruce solo track.  Very melodic.  Don't have any IM "Wishbone Ash" guitar harmonies therefor if I heard this I wound definately think its a 100% Bruce solo track!  Also very non IM style bluesy guitar work. 9/10

    T.R.O.B.B.: Maiden with lots of chugging! This song is a grower and Bruce sounds as powerful as ever. 10/10

    For the Greater Good of God:  The most poignant song on here.  The verse can bring tears to your eyes pondering the mortifying losses of war (the human ego can go this far!).  Very epic.  Typical Harris classic. This song is the gist of the album. 10/10

    Lord of Light: Smashing heavy chorus. I hear some 70's influence in brooding-sabbath heavy contrasted w/ the contemporary 'heavy'.  Morphs around self-indulgently at the end but it works after a few listens. There are many notes on that chromatic scale! 10/10

    The Legacy: Proggressive and reminds me of Led Zepplin. Will take a few listens to fully appreciate (and assimilate!) 9/10

    Overall an excellent release on par with BNW (what a compliment!) -_-. Are there some of you who don't think highly of BNW?  If so why not?  :huh:
  16. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I was going to wait until the official release but I will be on holidays next week so I downloaded it.

    It is amazing.  Especially "For the Greater Good of God" and "Longest Day".  Could this be the greatest Iron Maiden album to date?  Possibly.

    It's not exactly "proggy" as described before hand but almost every song is an epic.  Also, the intro/riff/outro thing pisses me off a bit.  It may be OK for a couple of songs but not for every single song on the album :rolleyes:
  17. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    I haven't heard the full album yet (in the USA), but I'm wicked excited from what I've heard (Different World, Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, Benjamin Breeg). I didn't really like Different World at first, like some others have said, but the chorus has really grown on me and I have found myself singing it the last few days. My thoughts so far:

    Different World: As I said above, I'm really digging the chorus. Solo parts are great as well
    Brighter Than A Thousand Suns: I don't love the beginning, but once getting into it it's great. "Out of the darkness..." love that part.
    Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg: Still my favorite that I've heard thus far. Love the beginning of the intro (before Bruce comes in), but I think where this song really shines is the bridge. I always crank the volume up to 11 at that part!
  18. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    After a day of constant listening I think it´s safe to say that this is the best Iron Maiden album ever, imo of course.
    The Legacy is just so sweet, my favorite Maiden track of all time.
    Janick is my new god! All "Janbashers" should keep their mouths shut now and forever because this man has songwriting skills out of the world.
    Anyway, it´s still a solid album, except Benjamin Breeg, which I tend to skip while listening. The only bad thing about it is that it´s hard to hear Bruce vocals at times.

    Different Worlds 4/5

    The best Maiden opener since Be Quick Or Be Dead.
    Great vocals by Bruce...what can I say? As a opening track it´s great.

    These Colour´s Don´t Run 5/5

    Loved it since the first time I heard it! The instrumental part in the middle is incredible.

    Brighter Than A Thousand Suns 5/5

    I love it. All of it.

    The Pilgrim 5/5

    First listen was a bit "what the ÖÖÖ is this?" But after a 2-3 times I love it.

    The Longest Day 5/5

    Cool intro! Oooh...epic...

    Out Of The Shadows 4/5

    Wasted Love meets Tears Of The Dragon :) The guitar break surprised me. At first I didn´t like it, but it´s growing as the rest of the song. Nice Murray leads. :)

    Benjamin Breeg 3/5

    The weakest song on the album became the first single. :p
    I don´t know, it just doesn´t do it for me.

    For The Greater Good Of God 5/5

    After No More Lies on DOD I really though Harris would never write a classic track alone again, well I was wrong!
    Reminds me alot of SIM and SSOASS. Brilliant!

    Lord Of Light 4/5

    The intro is a bit boring, but when it breaks loose it ROCKS!

    The Legacy 5/5

    The best Maiden ending song ever. I mean it. Janick is god.
  19. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

    Wow, I haven't posted here in ages.

    Well I went ahead and downloaded the album... even though I'm going to buy the album anyways. Well, I loaded it up in my car today and here's what I thought of it:

    Different World: Heard it already when it was released on ironmaiden.com. Still love the chorus on this song though. I would say that it's better than Wildest Dreams on Dance of Death. Still no Wicker Man, though. Overall: 8/10

    These Colours Don't Run: At first when I was listening I didn't like the chorus at all. The middle instrumental part is really awesome though. After a second listen though I grew to like the chorus a little better. Overall though I would say it's my least favorite track on the album. Overall: 7/10

    Brighter Than A Thousand Suns: Like Different World I already heard this song. Out of the the three that were put out I liked this one the best. The riff on it is just awesome, I love it. Overall: 8.5/10

    The Pilgrim: Well the title I would say is a little weird. Reminds me of something you would see on Powerslave, which is my favorite album of all time so I'm certainly not complaining. But when I look back on the track it's hard to distinguish it from the other tracks on the album. Basically meaning it's not as stand out as the others. Overall 7.5/10

    The Longest Day: Wow. What can I say? This could be my favorite track. EVER. I heard that this was supposed to be next Paschendale, and I would say it's better. Certainly my favorite track on the album. Period. Everything about is just awesome. Overall: 10/10

    Out of the Shadows: Love the song. The acoustics on this song are quite nice. I like it WAY better than Journeyman. Reminds me of something that you would hear on a Bruce Dickinson solo cd, which is good! Overall this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Overall: 9/10.

    The Reincarnation of Benjamin Breeg: I still think that this has a really bad ass riff. Even though it may be simple, I still love it. Still not as good Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, I would say that it's on par with Different World. Overall 8/10.

    For The Greater Good of God: The beginning to this song is absolutely awesome. Even though it's a little slow I love the vocals. It's another Harris epic and I would say that it fits in with his other greats. Not as good as Rime of The Ancient Mariner, but I would say that's better than To Tame A Land or Alexander The Great. I haven't gotten used to the chorus on this song yet, but it's definitely a stand out track. Overall: 9/10

    Lord of Light: Man... This song is just weird. It's really hard for me to judge. I'm finding myself having a hard time rate this song. But one thing for me is sure: One of the solos was just bad. So overall... this is one of those tracks that I have a hard time finding myself listening to over and over again. So Overall: 7.5/10

    The Legacy: This song is pretty cool, I really like it. Starts out slow like all the other songs but when it starts off it's awesome. Janick is awesome for coming up with this. I read another comment saying that this may be the best album closer ever... which I find to be untrue. I still that the reigning songs for that are Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Hallowed Be Thy Name. Overall: 8.5/10

    So for the album I would give it an 8.5. Theres some good songs, so not-so-good ones, and a few fantastic songs.

    Of course my overall opinon on the album is going to change or the next month or so. It would be unfair for me to give it this rating only listening to 2 times the whole way through. This score can change for the better in a month for now.

    Wow that was a long post. Well I'm off to do my homework, my AP World book is calling me.  :(
  20. The Saint

    The Saint Powerslave Staff Member

    I'm not good at these track-by-track reviews.

    I fell in love with the album. What amazes me is that Maiden was able to put a song straigth into my favorites: 'For The Greater Good of God'. This is 'Sign Of The Cross' Part II for me. Mind-blowing.

    It's true that on first listens, the last three tracks really stand out for someone like me who loves rythm changes. But songs like 'The Longest Day' and 'These Colors Don't Run' grew on me faster than I could think.

    As an album as whole, it's far superior to BNW and DOD.

    Last but not least, the production is fantastic. It's how Maiden should sound in my ears.

    Run buy it. It's worth every penny and more.


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