Riffed and soloed a bit with my flanger tonight... I feel I should build another, smaller pedalboard to fit it permanently. My board is great, but the 11 pedals on it are put together in a way which is fairly limited in amount of available sounds - by design, to be user-friendly. I have my clean and my dirty tone, can add the synth and the wah... But practically don't use many effects screaming "EFFECTS ON!" - they're just shaping the tone together nicely in the background.

With the flanger, I want to play it so it's really noticeable.
Just got a Boss PS-6 Harmonist. It does a lot of things - octaves, harmonies etc. - but for me it was all about the Digitech Whammy-esque "S-Bend" feature. In a many times smaller and sturdier Boss-format. And I love it! (If you want the whole Whammy-experience, you need a separate expression-pedal, but this pedal is amazing on its own.)

Might replace the Dunlop Crybaby GCB95 on my pedalboard - not permanently, but for a while. Meanwhile, I need to figure out how I ran out of room so quickly on the massive Pedaltrain Classic 2... 61 x 31,7 cm! And I have no room to fit this pedal!