Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]


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I'm sorry to leave this game non updated but I really don't have spare time in my hands to constantly check and update the leaderboard. Would anyone else be willing to take over? Maybe even close this topic and create a new one so that the scores will start from scratch?


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And here we go again...

Clue 1:
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Clue 2:
The song has an ending that mirrors the beginning of the song.
Clue 3: The song was for a period known under another name. Both the previous title and the final title the song was given contains the name of two bands. Moreover, the name of a big-selling artist with numerous number one hits appears several times in the lyrics.

Not the ones: Dream of Mirrors, From Here to Eternity, The Longest Day, For the Greater Good of God, Journeyman