Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]

Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
Clue #1: A Tyranny Of Souls.
Clue #2: Cheap pepper knock-offs.
Clue #3: Finding Dory.
Clue #4: These colours don't fucking run from you.
Clue #5: From whence came the last of these, thence ye must return to uncover our reality.
Clue #6: Killers, but without the Murder One man.
Clue #7: The Rolling Stones.
Clue #8: It was me, Dio!
Clue #9: The Hills are alive with the Sound of Music.
Clue #10: A valley with the shadow of death.
Clue #11: A Nomad moves forward with Revelations all too late.
Clue #12: Watch the jungle burning bright.
Clue #13: Manbearcat.
Clue #14: Not a b-side, I’m an album track, and don’t you forget it.
Clue #15: Burnin’ Pizza.
Clue #16: Just prior to the ship sinking like lead into the sea.
Clue #17: Their beauty, his doom.
Clue #18: Don’t you think I’m a savior?
Clue #19: The Loneliness Of The...
Clue #20: Number nine.
Clue #21: 2, 7, and 15 are the same clue.
Clue #22: 12 and 13 are the same clue.
Clue #23: Put 5 and 20 together and the answer is obvious.
1: “A Tyranny Of Souls” is about Macbeth. Macbeth became king of Scotland due to a murder, TMWWBK is implied to have lost his crown due to murder. Inverted clue.

2: The Rolling Stones album Their Satanic Majesties Request featured an album cover that seemed like an obvious attempt to emulate The Beatles’s Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, only it didn’t receive much praise back then and hasn’t waged all that well all these years later. “Beast Of Burden” is a song by the Stones and appears as a line in TMWWBK.

3: The whale shark in the movie is named Destiny (no good to run away...).

4: ...but TMWWBK seems to be trying to run away from his problems, and realizing it’s for nought.

5: I separated the wrong guesses into two sections. The first one was labeled “The Last Of These”. The last song in this section was “The Talisman”. It was a reference to the fact that the song comes off of the same album as TT and you should stick to TFF guesses for the rest of the game.

6: The song is about a killer, but Bruce is on vocals, not Paul (he released an album called Murder One in the ‘90s).

7: If you’d only just gone looking for song titles...

8: Dio also had a song called “The Man Who Would Be King”.

9: The Alps play an integral role in TSoM. Mountains play a big role in TMWWBK.

10: The death that he caused haunts him wherever he goes.

11: He seems to be an endless wanderer with revelations that have come too late to stop him from killing someone.

12: Reference to The Jungle Book, whose author (Rudyard Kipling) wrote a short story called “The Man Who Would Be King”.

13: Another reference to the above, since a man, a bear, and a cat feature as main characters in TJB.

14: Rather obvious. TMWWBK is also one of Maiden’s deepest cuts, and it seems a lot of people forgot about it just as I warned them not to.

15: Another “Beast Of Burden” reference. The opening line is often misunderstood as, “I’ll never leave your pizza burnin’.”

16: What happens before the ship sinks? “Penance of life will fall unto him.”

17: “His reflection of the beauty ‘round him...”

18: “Hoping that he could be saved...”

19: TMWWBK is a very lonely man now, is he not? He’s also “running from his wildest thoughts...”

20: It’s Track 9 on TFF.

The rest are self explanatory. Maybe they were a bit esoteric, but I thought there was enough here to have ended it a while ago. Oh well.


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Diesel, let's talk.

All these things connect in your head. They make sense to you because you come up with them. But most of the clues you give are so vague and so random that they could mean anything to the people trying to guess the song. We don't live in your head and we don't have the same train of thoughts as you.

To take one example. The Jungle Book-TMWWBK connection is obvious if we know that the thing that links them is Rudyard Kipling. However: We don't know the thing linking them is Kipling. There is no context for this to leave us to assume as much. If you're making a jungle reference, people will think it directly has to do with the song. And there are several Maiden songs that are directly linked to the jungle, and others where you could imagine the "jungle" being some sort of reference, i.e. to an urban setting, the law of the jungle, or whatever. If you're just giving us "jungle", I'd think of Man on the Edge before I thought of TMWWBK.

The Rolling Stones thing. WTF? Do you honestly think we all have this very obscure and rather subjective Sgt. Pepper - Satanic Majesties trivia active in our heads??? And that we would then go on to connect it with this specific song? Even if I somehow made the connection between the Beatles and Stones albums, and got to Their Satanic Majesties Request, do you realise that then I would be looking at the album itself ("Citadel" could lead to Montségur, the album title itself to half a dozen Maiden songs) and not the whole discography of the band? And even if, for some reason, I did that, do you realise that once more, I could come up with a dozen Maiden connections from that? E.g. Bridges to Babylon - Alexander the Great. Aftermath - The Aftermath. Prodigal Son - Prodigal Son. Time Waits for No-One - Only the Good Die Young. I could go on and on and on. There are so many connections you expect us to make here that you might as well just toss out any random word or phrase and it would go the same way.

I know you think you're being clever, but you're really just frustrating people with your labyrinthic riddles. What's the point if after 15 such clues and 50 wrong guesses, people just toss out random songs to get it over with?

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You win!

Clue #1: "We Are The World" < "the tune of starving millions"
Clue #2: "Oh Michael. Michael, you are blind." < a quote from the Godfather Part 2, which is followed by "it was not a miscarriage, it was an abortion" (Kay Corleone) // "to kill the unborn in the womb"

Your turn, @Randalf . :)


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What's the point if after 15 such clues and 50 wrong guesses, people just toss out random songs to get it over with?
Exactly, as has been brought up a number of times before.

Because I was curious, I counted up the number of clues on @Diesel 11 ’s turns, and he actually used to handle things pretty reasonably until about a year ago, when the number of clues suddenly spiked.

From the start of the game until about a year ago (his first 17 times as clue giver), he averaged 5 clues per run and never went beyond 11 clues total. But between then and now (his 13 most recent turns) he’s averaged over 14 clues per run, with the worst ones running out to 16, 24, 25, and finally a gobsmacking 33 clues. We all remember those really tedious ones.

@Diesel 11 , you used to have self control in this area. Perhaps you could rediscover it?


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Guesses above are wrong, unfortunately.

Clue 1: truth(s) revealed
Clue 2: now you know that your time is close at hand

Edit: added the words "know" and "time" to the clue 2... Oops.
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The Man Of Sorrows

I messed up with the clue #2 and just edited it (added the words "know" and "time" there) to appropriate form, so you can have another go if you feel that it affected your previous guess. :)

So, The Man of Sorrows is wrong as well.