Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]


Ancient Mariner
Ok let's make it a bit easier:

Clue #1: E

Clue #2: Moon wolfs in an age tomorrow

Clue #3: Two of Riggs' album covers may give you a clue about a particular violent verse...

Clue #4: There's a lot of these creatures in two of Empath's clips

Clue #5:

Clue #6: Of fire, masks and... toilet papper dudes????!!!

Clue #7: HEB II XIV

Clue #8: this one will give you a great hint from the start

WG: Brighter Than A Thousand Suns, Revelations, The Duellists, New Frontier, Flight Of Icarus, The Trooper, Benjamin Breeg, Blood Brothers, When The Wild Wind Blows. Back in the Villiage, Sun and Steel, The Great Unknown, The Book Of Souls, Weekend Warrior, Clansman, Blood on the World's Hands, Run to the Hills, The Wickerman, Children Of The Damned, Red And The Black, Total Eclipse, These Colours Don’t Run

Clue # 9:
With many faces I've been shaped
one is different and four the same
though I'm far from being young
some of my quandaries still remain


The dotage of a dotard
Clue #1:


Ancient Mariner
Clue #1: "E" is the title of the last ENSLAVED record

Clue #2: In Warhammer 40.000 universe the SONS OF HORUS were known as Lunar Wolves before the great heresy.

Clue #3: The covers I aluded to were both Live After Death and No Prayer For The Dying representing the verse "Open the gates of my hell and I'll strike from the grave"

Clue #4: Video clips of EVERMORE and GENESIS out of Townsend's last album feature more cats one can count "Green is the cat's eye that glows"

Clue #5: Type O Negative's track WHITE SLAVERY features the following verse. "Let me say Pepsi Generation A few lines of misinformation"

Clue #6: A reference to Live After Death home video. During POWERSLAVE Bruce appears behind a wall of flames wearing a mask and a few minutes later a version of Eddie resembling a toilet papper monster enters the stage.

Clue #7: The last phrase out of HEBREWS 2:14 goes like this: "... and free those who all their lives were held in SLAVERY by their fear."

Clue #8: The first verse out of this song is: "Brothers I am calling from the VALLEY OF THE KINGS"

Clue #9: The description of a PYRAMID. It's composed of 4 triangular faces plus 1 rectangular (the base) and indeed there's a lot of mysteries unsolved to this very day regarding the great pyramids' construction.

There ye go. Late congrats to Jer.

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
Clue #1: I guessed right.
Clue #2: "Those who know will not tell"

Incorrect guesses: Fortunes of War, The Clairvoyant, Look for the Truth, No More Lies