Guess The Iron Maiden Song! [SPOILER-FREE]

Black Bart

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Clue #1: What does this button do?
Clue #2: Doug Hall
Clue #3: Run from the hills
Clue #4: Monday TUesday Waynesday...
Clue #5: The Root of All Evil
Clue #6: Killers on the Loose Again
Clue #7:

Incorrect guesses: Brighter Than A Thousand Suns/ Age of Innocence/ Coming Home/ The Wicker Man/ When The Wild Wind Blows/ Wildest Dreams/ Prowler/ Running Free/ Heaven Can Wait/ The Unbeliever/El Dorado/ Wasting Love/ Revelations/ Sign of the Cross/ Massacre/ The Assassin

(PS remember, I don't use italics in my clues for nothing)

Black Bart

Ancient Mariner
Different World :)
Finally! :)

Clue #1: What does this button do? > push the button and "Then we'll see what happens"
Clue #2: Doug Hall > the historical FOH Iron Maiden sound engineer, who must have been asked the question "Tell What you can hear" once or twice.
Clue #3: Run from the hills >
Wikipedia said:
The song is featured in the skateboarding video game Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam.
Clue #4: Monday TUesday Waynesday... > "I'm feeling more confused the more the days go by"
Clue #5: The Root of All Evil > an acoustic version of it can be found on the Iron Maidens' record called this way
Clue #6: Killers on the Loose Again > some band members have likened Bruce's delivery on it as a tribute to Thin Lizzy (KOTLA is a tribute to Thin Lizzy)
Clue #7:

> "everybody has a different way to view the world" (by the way, possibly the cheesiest IM lyrics ever ;) )


Ancient Mariner
Clue#1: 400000 more to die.

Empire Of The Clouds, The Legacy, Blood On The World's Hands, Paschendale, Massacre

Clue#2: Jim's contribute on (arguably) the most toxic british movie ever made (namely the OST).

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There is an animated version and a version of IM producing it in the studio. This is my clue. I am not quite sure obviously how to play yet. BUT I WANT TO