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Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
The Ghost survivor should be starting shortly after Alevivor wraps up. I will go over the planned layout just to make sure everything is correct.

The following songs will be included...
  • All songs from Opus Eponymous
  • All songs from Infestissumam (Including La Mantra Mori)
  • All songs from Meliora (Including Zenith and Square Hammer)
  • All songs from Prequelle
All in all that leaves a very short field of 37 songs. My question to everyone is should we add the rest of Popestar and throw in all of If You Have Ghosts too? We traditionally don't do covers in survivors so I'm just throwing that out there as an option. Personally I don't think we should add them, but I think we should only add the song 'If You Have Ghosts'. After seeing Ghost perform live last November, this is definitely an important song to the band and to the fans as well.

If we do decide to add both EP's than I will combine both of those and add them between Infesstisumam and Meliora. If we include only the song 'If You Have Ghosts', than it will join Opus Eponymous. If everyone votes no, then the listing I have above is correct. I will leave a poll.
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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
We did covers in the Alevivor and it made it even more interesting than without. I'm planning to participate in this and I'd be interested in hearing how good they are at doing covers, so I voted yes.

Cornfed Hick

Ancient Mariner
I voted yes. I don't love most of the covers, and they will be knocked out early, I imagine. But "Ghosts" and "Bible" are awesome (and have been performed live). "It's a Sin" was a fun cover too.


Back From The Edge
I would not call Infestissumam an interlude, it's a proper intro like The Ides Of March.

Therefore it should be included in the survivor. It's too good to be omitted.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
I don't love most of the covers, and they will be knocked out early, I imagine.
My thoughts are the same. Most of them would be out in the first wave of votes. I suspect 'If You Have Ghosts' could make top ten though. 'Bible' would probably get pretty far too.

Lampwick 43

Barstool Warrior
Voted Yes since there are so few songs to begin with, and most of their covers are pretty good, that it couldn't hurt to have them in the game.


General of the Dark Army
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Voted no. I'm in favour of including Infestissumam, though. Apart from a lack of ending (running into Per Aspera...) it's otherwise a decent standalone instrumental.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
I can add Infestissumam if that's what everyone wants. We might as well put Ashes back in the game as well. Any more imput on this in particular?


clap hands
Also voting no for covers, based solely on standards.

As for the instrumental tracks that ya'll are yelling about...I'd be fine including them but I'm sure they'll still be the first sent home.


Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Poll closed. There will be no covers in the game. I will add the interlude tracks back in the game.

Game starts Wednesday.

First post was adjusted to display songs in the game.
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Chasing Ponce De Leon's Phantoms
Welcome to GhostVivor!

We will start the voting with Opus Eponymous and Infestissumam. There will be three rounds of voting with these two albums, or when there are too few songs left. Which ever comes first... I will leave the first round open for a week so everyone gets a chance to listen. Feel free to add input for any suggestions or changes. Enjoy!

Also don't forget to listen to La Mantra Mori. It's a bonus track.