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Diesel 11

As you scream into the web of silence...
A nice short rocker to open up Virtual XI, "Futureal" shows that the band still has a lot of spark and fire in them. Everyone's giving their all here, including Blaze, and it's a pretty strong song. Not as good as others, but strong definitely. 7


Educated Fool
The structure of the lyrics is reminiscent of a suicide note he wrote
someone as a warning to the intended reader. His lyrics
choruses touch on the issue of absorption of the individual by the means set
offers technology that allow him to become an indirect communicator
information and facts and experience emotions. This convenience set
offer media such as computer, television and
slot machines involve the risk of absorption of the individual, which
eventually unable to experience and discover the world outside of her
virtual reality screen. In the spirit of this verse
The album cover is also supported.