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Pica Serdica
I haven't a clue what this is about.
Top quality distraction.
Indeed. Distraction, I'm sorry to say, from Rule 5: refuses to incur the prostitute in the hotel, etc.
The prostitute? Poor girl, so overworked. Charlotte, you don't know a bloody thing.

Night Prowler

Customer Deathcycle Manager
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This one's for you, @The Flash:



Ancient Mariner

- One of your deliverers pulled me a prank
--- I'll immediately get all deliverers here, Mr. Jonkers
--- Alright... who of you was it


1. Excuse me, pizza deliverer, this is not the pizza I ordered, you know
2. Oh no, you'll see there's an omission of one olive! Or a piece of bell pepper too much. That kind of whining.
3. There is a turd on top of it.
4. Look, those are complaints