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Mission Statement

The purpose of the forum is mainly to discuss and provide news on Iron Maiden and related artists, such as Paul Di'Anno, BLAZE, Bruce Dickinson, or any solo effort by any member of the band, past or present. The forum also provides an area for fans of Iron Maiden and other Metal artists to network and interact, and also provides a host for forum activity for the partner site the Iron Maiden Commentary.

General Posting Rules:

Provided that the messages are posted in the appropriate sub-forums, this is a open forum to talk about almost anything, and everybody is welcome and encouraged to share their ideas and opinions with the rest of our community. In any case, try to keep it fun and interesting. Messages posted in the wrong forums will be moved to the right places, but please do not just count on the moderators to realise you've made a mistake. Please be aware that repeated instances of posting in the wrong forum could lead to a warning.

Content of the messages:

Messages with a blatant bigoted content will be deleted and the poster will see his/her warn level increased. Nazi material will not be tolerated. Posts that threaten violence of any form will not be tolerated. The use of sexual violence to make "comedic" references will not be tolerated.

Please refrain from discussion of band member's private life & intimate details, unless it relates to the music or official press releases.

In order to encourage quality discussion, moderators may delete any post of non-substantial content. This includes posts containing just emoticons, one or two words ("Yes!", "I agree!"), or posts that contain simply a link with no comment from the user on the subject matter. Posters who violate this rule repeatedly will be subject to the moderation process.

Forum members will ensure they post in a respectful fashion towards their fellow members. This includes avoiding insults, escalating arguments, and attacking new forum members for being ignorant of rules (written or unwritten). Forum members will follow moderator guidance when arguments are deemed to no longer be in good faith or otherwise become detrimental to the community experience. Forum members will be cautious when discussing sensitive material. Spoiler tags and content warnings are encouraged when reasonably required. While strives to encourage open conversation, we will not tolerate language that makes people feel unwelcome or excluded. To that effect, does not support or endorse any harassment for any reason on community members - including, but not limited to, harassment based on race, gender, sex, sexuality, place of birth or economic conditions. People who feel they have been harassed for any reason should immediately report the post or voice their concerns to a moderator, who will ensure the offender is subjected to the moderation process.


Unless otherwise stated, the language of the forums is English. Posters are expected to write messages that conform to English grammar to the best of their ability. "133t sp34k" isn't welcome on this forum. Posters who violate this rule will be subject to the moderation process. does not guarantee that posters will be exempt from "curse words", though we ask members to keep profanity from becoming extreme. Bigoted use of profanity will be subject to immediate moderation.


The over-use of smileys, or their addition out of context, is both annoying and unnecessary. Similarly, posts should consist of more than a single smiley in most circumstances. Posters who tend to over-use smileys or make posts consisting of only smileys will be subject to the moderation process.

Searching & Older Threads:

Some topics you may be interested in have probably been posted already. Please check if there are any other threads on the subject you want to discuss before you start a new one. It doesn't take that long and the search engine is there to help you.

Conversely, bumping older threads with posts lacking any substance will be considered an offense. Repeat offenses will subject the poster to the moderation process.

User Accounts:

User accounts provide a user's first impression on the forum community. Please ensure that your account name is in line with the General Posting Rules. Those that violate the Rules will be deleted.


While we allow the use of images in signatures we ask users not to abuse this privilege. Signature images should be limited to one or two and be no larger than 500 pixels by 100 pixels IN TOTAL [i.e., the size of all signature images added together]. Text signatures should also be no more than 5 or 6 lines long. It is unfair on some of our users to force them to download other people's signatures that are longer than the average post.

All signature text and photos must obey the General Posting Rules. Violation of those rules will result in the signature being deleted and possibly further moderation.

Multiple Accounts:

No poster will be allowed to have multiple accounts for the purpose of influencing the general forum attitude, such as making multiple posts to add weight to an opinion or increasing/decreasing a poster's user rating by more than the normal amounts allowed per day. Multiple accounts for the purpose of comic relief are allowed but posters are encouraged to make their true identities known. Those who violate these rules will be subject to the moderation process.

Ignoring Users:

The forum allows you to ignore the posts of any user should you find their posts to be not worth reading. By clicking their profile or username you will find a link to ignore this user. This method of ignoring distasteful users is preferable to engaging in insulting or offensive behaviour. If someone is treating you poorly, please report it to the Moderation Team.

Users may not place administrators or moderators on ignore. Violating this rule is considered a serious, bannable offense.

Copyright:, as a fan site, in no way wishes to violate the various copyrights held by the members of and organizations related to Iron Maiden. Users will, when in doubt, contact a moderator before making a questionable post regarding possibly copyrighted material.

File sharing: will under no circumstances tolerate the sharing of official and/or copyrighted material on our forums. This includes but is not limited to the posting of MP3's, torrents or links to places where copyrighted material can be downloaded. We also ask members not to discuss the existence of illegally leaked copyrighted material. Violation of this rule subjects the poster to immediate moderation.


The forum provides a sub-forum for Trading. This forum is guided by strict rules in order to ensure members respect international copyright law. This forum is for trading bootlegs only. The sale of bootlegs is not allowed. The sale of in-production merchandise is not allowed on this forum. However, the sale of out-of-production merchandise is allowed.

Only private individuals are allowed to trade bootlegs or sell merchandise. Companies specializing in these items are not allowed to use the forum for their purposes.

Any violation of these rules will be dealt with via the moderation process.


We do not permit any user to advertise a product or website on our forums without the permission of the forum administrator. Users are permitted to link to their websites in their profile and/or signature provided it meets the guidelines in the section below. Topics started with the sole aim of driving traffic to another website are not permitted. When a post is made linking to external websites or products that is in the flow of a post and/or as a result of a direct request for information, we can generally allow it. Also if the post is of interest to Maiden fans, such as the release of a new tribute album, then we will generally allow it and may even consider it for inclusion on the news page.

In summary, we will not approve of any user coming to our forum to drive traffic elsewhere. As long as your posts contribute to the forum then you are unlikely to break this rule. If in doubt, ask one of our moderating team.


The administrators and moderators are responsible for the enforcement of these rules. All moderators of this forum have the right to edit delete or move your posts without your consent or warning should they feel that their action is appropriate. Moderators may also make comments in threads designed to gently prod it back on course or softly chastise a member. Ignoring a moderator's requests or other contacts is a serious offense.

Moderation Process:

In all other circumstances where rules are being broken the following procedure will be followed.

1. Private warning of conduct via private message
2. First warning
3. Second and final warning.
4. Ban or suspension of member privileges.

Under extreme circumstances 1 or more of the earlier steps may be bypassed.

Lack of action:

Despite all our efforts, we cannot read every post of every topic on every forum. If there is something we have missed that you think is in breach of our rules please use the "report" button found after every post on the forum. A moderator will then address the problem as necessary.

The Moderation Team (active):
@Jon - Forum Administrator
@Brigantium - Global Moderator
@LooseCannon - Global Moderator
@mckindog - Global Moderator
@Perun - Global Moderator
@Mosh - Global Moderator
@Night Prowler - Global Moderator

The Moderation Team (retired/inactive):
Real World - Forum Administrator
Natalie - Global Moderator
Shadow - Global Moderator
SinisterMinisterX - Global Moderator
Wasted the Great - Global Moderator
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