First Ten Years CD box wanted


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I guess you'll find one at some point,but mines not for sale.

Niall Kielt

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Just checked Discogs, that thing is expensive. Never really saw the appeal in it, as a part time collector. I had the opportunity to get the complete vinyl box a few years ago for what appears to have been a good price. Should of got it. I suppose the only Maiden vinyl that really appeals to me is the original Di'Anno era stuff and 80s albums. The only thing of value I have is The Sound House Tapes but I'm attached to my 7" Twilight Zone even though it is not worth much coin.


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I saw the box with CDs at a record convention a few weeks ago. Price actually wasn’t that bad compared to Discogs/eBay, but still in the 300-400 range.

Niall Kielt

Ancient Mariner
For me, that's really pricey, for CDs especially. Although, to be fair, I cant see me ever paying anything like that for any cd or vinyl.
The only things I suppose I would like on vinyl are original Killers, Powerslave, Balls, X Factor and AOB. The first 2 are reasonable but the other 3 go for silly money.