Favorite 10 bands/artists from your home country


Ancient Mariner
3: Therapy?
2: Rory Gallagher
1: Thin Lizzy

There's a few more bands that I have albums from but to be honest don't really listen to, e.g. Glyder and Cruachan. I've tried Primordial but there's too much extreme metal influences for my tastes.


Educated Fool
This is tough. I don't think there are 10 bands from America that I can truly say I love.

There are those from my youth, but if they're still around, they're either shells or stopped being what I fell in love with loooong ago, or they don't exist anymore

I loved these guys so much I actually have a 'Ma Kin' tattoo. Probably the dumbest thing I've ever done. I stayed with them all the way through Perry & Whitford leaving and returning, and even though the horrid MTV cuts work my gag reflex, those MTV years albums are full of great, gritty Aero. They lost me on Nine Lives, though. Haven't bought one since.

Also, Tyler is officially a cartoon of himself now.

I saw they originals a couple times in the 70s, unmasked in the 80s, and on the 1st reunion in 96. that would have been the perfect time to hang it up. But apparently, there are a few more pennies to be bled from a few more stones.

I wouldn't walk across the street to see them for free now.

(Out of curiosity, I wonder if Gene Simmons would actually let me shoot him if I bought a KISS casket to bury him in...)

Van Halen
I never saw them live, but hung on every note from Eruption up to 1984. I liked alot of the Sammy stuff, too. It was a different animal, and I never felt compelled to have to choose one over the other.

I used to own all Dave & Sammy albums., but now it's whittled down to my own personal essential on about a 45-50 song playlist.

Ted Nugent
Uncle Ted was my boy from the Amboy Dukes on up until Scream Dream. By then I'd heard everything he has to play. Double Live Gonzo is still one of the greatest live albums ever.

Lynyrd Skynyrd

They should have stopped on 10/20/77

The Cars
One of the greatest debut albums of all time, followed by Candy-O, to give them one of the best 1-2 punches in music history. (the two combined for 10X Platinum sales)
I used to have their first 5 albums. I still, always, have the first 2, but the rest are, like VH, whittled down to an essential playlist.

Ok, so those are from my youth.

As far as today's artists, I only have a couple I can truly say I love.


Man, I fell hard for these guys when I discovered The Sound Of Madness in a bargain bin at a buy/sell shop. I immediately got all they had and listened to it every day for months. Then they came out with Amaryllis, which had a slick, big production sound, and a couple sappy cuts, but was still pretty hard.

Then Threat to Survival, followed by Attention! Attention! have continued the disturbing trend of the sappy, let's all be brothers, and we're here to love one another cuts that have turned me off almost completely.

Horrible to say, but Brent Smith's sobriety has castrated Shinedown.

These kids are completely different from anyone else on my list. Three sisters who are legitimate musicians, whose harmonies give me goosebumps. They're got an EP and 2 LPs.

They're still relative unknowns, but they've risen to the point where they headline festivals, and can sell out 2,500-3,000 seat theaters. They're on the brink, but I worry what they'll become if they truly hit the big mainstream.

Right now, they're quirky, and they dress kinda weird, and their videos are kinda hokey. But their music is for real, and interesting, and that's why I dig them.


Number 6

Ancient Mariner
This is... different. Well, Brazillian music is not really my speed. The only band from around here that I truly love is Massacration, a satirical heavy metal band that is downright hilarious. Otherwise, I don't really care.

Number 6

Ancient Mariner
Sepultura are from here as well. I tried to get into both, but never could. Maybe somewhere down the line.

Diesel 11

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Sepultura are great to listen to although I've never checked out full albums from them. "Dead Embryonic Cells", "Arise", and "Refuse / Resist" pop in my earbuds from time to time.

Black Wizard

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This is... different. Well, Brazillian music is not really my speed. The only band from around here that I truly love is Massacration, a satirical heavy metal band that is downright hilarious. Otherwise, I don't really care.
I thought you'd quit here.


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I can't stand Angra, but maybe that's because I disapprove of the practice of castrating singers and I can't listen to them for reasons of morality.