Even very rare Eddie pics Prt 2

Here are even more rare Eddie pics. All of them are hi-res to very hi-res. You won't find any low awful pinterest resolutions in my collection. As I said before, don't be afraid to pm me with your email address, so I can send these pictures to you. Here they are:


  • Dazed And Confused Eddie.jpg
    Dazed And Confused Eddie.jpg
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  • Eddie And Baby 2.jpg
    Eddie And Baby 2.jpg
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  • Eddie With Paul Dianos Head.jpg
    Eddie With Paul Dianos Head.jpg
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  • From Here to Eternity Eddie Bat.jpg
    From Here to Eternity Eddie Bat.jpg
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  • Holy Smoke.jpg
    Holy Smoke.jpg
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  • Rare Somewhere in Time Eddie.jpg
    Rare Somewhere in Time Eddie.jpg
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  • Stranger in a Strange Land.jpg
    Stranger in a Strange Land.jpg
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  • The Prophecy.jpg
    The Prophecy.jpg
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  • World Piece Tour.jpg
    World Piece Tour.jpg
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Ancient Marinade
Dazed and Confused I've never seen, but the rest don't seem that rare? I've seen them all multiple times, and "The Prophecy" is actually (I think) supposed to be called "The Clairvoyant" and is my all time favorite Eddie artwork.


Ancient Marinade
Oh ok, didn't realize you mean things like hi res digital versions. Most of not all of them are in the album sleeves I have in some form or another. The Best of The Best set has quite a lot as well, almost all of them up through 1996.
Pm me me, if you want any of these hi-res Eddie pics. I think a good idea is if you were to send me the small thumbnails/low res Eddie pics that are on the net, and send me those. That way I'll know exactly what you want. I pretty have nearly every single rare Eddie image that are in the 1998 Iron Maiden remasters, and I have all the Eddie's from Derek Riggs 'Run For Cover book' too. I'd say that I have even more rare Eddie Pics that Derek Riggs himself. What I would to do is have my own Hi- res Eddie website, as there none at moment. Iron Maiden Wallpapers used to be the most definitive go-to site. I even submitted quite a few pics on that site, but sadly it's gone now.