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Oh yes it is, Amsterdam is on of the top 5 cities in the world i think. Sushi is good, not in Amsterdam but in San diego, but I'm dinking Heinekens so that kinda puts me in Amsterdam, although the Heineken there is much fresher and better. The sushi is better here though. I'm going down to the bar for a minute... brb
Getting naked on the 34th floor is cool. i'm opening another Heineken, get outta my way.
Posting , yeah, choose your car.

This is meant to be read with music in your head, well yeah, no bass, just good cruisin' music.... I hope I get me bass guitar for Christmas, if so, my first goal is to play Cliff's bass solo, Anastesia, Palin teeth by the following Christmas, yep fuck you, maybe I'll do it, maybe I won't. Palin, I miss her already, methinks I'll move to the land of the midnight sun ( or moon) and see what I can do, who needs abortion when your shooting blanks anyway ( I choose to think of them as tracer rounds).  :) .... Smileys kinda suck, I need to smoke, so I'm looking at Coronado Bay, chillin", drinking me Heineken, tastes good. Wish you could join me, we need a festival...winter sucks but guess what? It's not winter here, today it was like 90 degrees, yeah, that's right , I said it, 90 degrees.... just to fuck with you, .... I mean Celcius...yeah, that's right, we were all on fire... but guess what? We're not anymore. Know why? We jumped in the bay.... Whew! need a smoke, going to te window, ahhhhh the window.. drunk posting is goooood, ramble on, now's the time the time is now... LC doesn't like Zepplin, don't know what's up with that, CRAZY!

We need some Japanese members in this forum, or maybe more Australians, or even Phillipinos.... gotta piss..............  where's thousand _ suns when I need him? Damn, I could have a conversation right now and still win it whatever, I'm hitting send
Level 2 universes.... discuss... level # parallel universes? infinite #, if true, this has monumental consequenses.. spell check is out the window, the science channel is blowing my mind... electron that can disappear and reappear in othe places, laser light, little particles of light .... can alcohol be be the key to traveling to parallel universes? I don't know, fuck man, they keep talkign about leavel 2 and leval 3 pearalllel universes, dead cats, live cats.. who cares. wahat make s  ahurricane splittin mini - worlds... oooo this is bad....
Appaerently the gravitron is the smoking gun. Tell me more. Science is fascinating! These people are crazy, I need the sword of truth to defeat the order...... erradicate the fascist, revolutiom will grow..............  fuck you all.....  :D :D :D :yey: this is drunk posting.. carry on my wayward son there will bew a piece of mind when you are done, lay your weary heaed to rest.. call now risk free, clinically proven to reduce your body fat, if anybody reads all this shit i salute you. Blaaaaaahhhhh


Well,  time to post!  As you might know,  it was my b-day a few hours ago.  Unfortunately not a really nice one to remember,  but definitely memorable  -_-.  But that did not prevent me from drinking (it actually helped  :p).  So yeah,  at the moment I'm quite dizzy,  not stoned,  couldn't manage to do that,  but anyway,  next time  :D.  Have a good night y'all (or a good day for some  ;)).


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Yeap, I'm on my way. I sort of tried to join in with some serious discussion, but can't be arsed. :D


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Bleh. I started out with the hard stuff tonight because I wanted to get pissed. and beofe i say anything else, i,m not gonna use any more capital
and atastrophes from now on because theyre to hard to sue. but im certainly not that drunj, NO IM NOT!!!!!!!!!!!! if i was really drunk, id be deleting threads and making other people look like idiots o this board. or maybe not. still, im not as drunk as i wanted to be. no. the reason why i wanted to get fucking pissed tonight is, you guessed it, female. what the fuck is wrong with women?????? i dont get it. you cant live with them. even seven vodka-cola mix drinks and three shots didnt make me forget about it. oh fuck. now im ranting again. and im thinking about it again. jesus fucking chridt. and im not even trying to be blasphemous. im serios. this is a disastrous post. the owrst i ever made. sigh.

im probably gonna puke tonight. at least if i choked on my own vomit, id die the rock star death. id join the ranks fo attila the hun, jimi hendrix and john bonham. thats not bad now, is it. i know this post is gonna be fuckung hard tor ead but i dont give a fucking crap. ive got better things to do than check this for spelling and grammar. for example, i could go to sleep, which i am gonna do now. fortunately, i already brushed my teeth, so i can just jump into bed now and sleep and forget about all the shit that happend and thats gonna happen and just have nice dreams about crocodiles and afghan warriors. fuck that eould rock.



After the war?
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aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! no capitalisations and no apostproppophes this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can tell you she was gingerhaired this time and that she seemed to like the way i danced/headbanged to megadeths symphony of destruction and two random metallica songs (one of which i reallllllly dont remember) but i dont remember what she looked like................... i think i remember he rname but wahtever............................................ im still into persians though. and they made fun of me over that asian guyirl last weeeeeek ... i ghad to get drunk over that anyaay so muich vodka. so much vodka. so incredibly much vodaka. russia rocls i m totally ou tof order i guesss and im gonna nbe ashamed of this post toomorrrow. thats robbaly one p too much but better too much than to ittle..... tamarra was the name my families friends gave tot heir dog in pakistan, last time we had contact ot them, the soviet union still exsted. why is soviet in this fucking firefoxes dictionary but russia isnt. isnt that eracist???? and what about persian chicks? no theya rens in it eitherl. anyway, whatever happens youll be the fist to know. you rock.



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I want to announce that although I am tanked, Perun is worse off than I am.  I've drunk...6 beer and 10 smirnoff ice in under 4 hours.  Plus some other booze.  I had a shitty screwdriver that was like 50% ice.  Fuck.  I hate being ripped off.  Fucking douchebags.
There was a real MILF there I kinda wanna bang but it didn't go down.  Damnnation.  Even drunk I spell better than Prune.  Yeah.

I want to go to Europe and meet the European Maidenfans.  And meet Deano and Wasted and SMX.  I think Deano and Wasted are great people and I am glad to have met them.  You guys and girls rock.  Natalie's great and so is all of the other people.  Jordan man, I know you have that rhing about gays but I hope you can clear it up.  I love Maidenfans.

And water is great after a good drunk. I still spell better than Prune.  Fuck, Deano, I have so much respect for you, Marines are awesome, and Wasted, you rock.  And fuck man, Nush, why aren't you close?  So sad guys, why is the Atlantic so big.

I'm kinda watching wrestling right now.  I think it's fun, it's really dumb but fun.  The acting is terrible but you have to respect some of the shit the guys do.

Water is great, did I say that already?

Perun is a great guy, I hope he finds a good girl someday.  These crazy Kraut chicks don't know what they're missing out on.  He's smart and funny and cool and shit.  I know a chick that'd do him. Sure she's really fat but whatever.


I like Asians too Perun but they're too much effort, just hit what you can man.  And man I've never found a girl with a dick but you know what that's her choice, and it's her gender assignment.  I wouldn't hit it but that's because I dunno, don't hold it against her.

Firefox is racist and that's cool

They played Master of Puppets tonight and I loved it but it was the last song, wtf?  Seriously.  Master of Puppets?  Last song?  Like the "get out of here you fuckers" last song?  Lame as fuck.

Also, I have been making a concerted effort not to say "gay" anymore.  But one of my friends does it.  But I think he's gay.  Whatever.

RW man, for the opportunity to meet so many people, yeah man.  I act like I'm getting an Oscar when I'm drunk but fuck you all, I deserve one more than Onhell who is a greasy Mexican but one of my best buds in a strange way.

Anyway.  It's like, drunk nighttime.


Just back from the work Christmas party, was fairly shite, they didn't even give any potatoes which were on the meny, the pricks. Lots of drink consumend though, even though they ran out of Jameson so I had to drink some inferior whisjety which was just massively aids filled. Don't worry, there were loads of ghot birds to oogle though, and that I did, End communication.
LooseCannon said:
I know a chick that'd do him. Sure she's really fat but whatever.

And man I've never found a girl with a dick but you know what that's her choice, and it's her gender assignment.  I wouldn't hit it but that's because I dunno, don't hold it against her.

Not really, seeing as I didn't get a mention, but the fat chich and dick chisck stories ar e class.

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OK, I'm not so drunk (yet), but I am putting a "+1" to LC's post-- this place rocks, LC,you are the bomb!

....more tequila, please


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so, it was wt4oLLTY THEN hardest thin otm liike cocnentrste inn img I am so  frkeaked up I can t typ eto  day my lif, prine iws much beyyet yhn me right now.ittake sso  uck muncentration to type, ita like grammar doesnr evne existt and neither does gracitaty or  typimng. I habe the figgles lie tota;y/ ais tyle, o vis ehy could not spak nglish to xbe tofu dude., heheheheheheheheheheheheheh tht was aasy.....................i made out wiht a bi girl nand a straight birlk nd her bf waas riht thr,  but it was awesome anyway, it fwlt like i just yef an essssssay an i am totally high and wasted right now, so HHHHHaaaasssttted. It make sense. I lveo making out with people, tongues are awesome. I loooove girs they ar hhotl. I alo lovde mienfans, you guts a swomsome. I love you. Maiden rules, so deep an ohilisophial. booogn give ewisdom and somoke rigsn duud,e victor an maek made out even though victor has laissaa as gf, but she s a gret kisseer. om,g. i canttype, i laugh ahah. dude ma n  somnt skit h=jab g et inte jag jann prara baettte naer detaer svensja, oder deutsch, aber eustch ist schewere als swideish Isch sollte aufhoeren und schlafen, yes in swikm overt he jeyboard and somehow okm think i am typing better by doing that nwhen ijn am drubnk, ji mean typin on thne keyuboiard. okm slepm well, alnhtoiuhg its already the 14 th ofdecember,/ Italy 11111111!!111111111111111111!11!!!!1!1!l.m ahhhh, t is hard toy ype  ! ehn hasted syooooooop. stop. yess. ja .v
I jut wanted t comment on how are hard it is to type whe  high slash waetd. i had beer then wine, and weed and more wine then shitty beer then wine then hookah (sheesah) and wee dgain. then kissing. soooo I am on cload nine or whatever.yahy something toi think aboutnhile elitstening to poppe benedikts talk during midnight mass. I lobkm forqard to foos in rome ...an  bellini, yes., undeeld, to  i am dine, no more tyyping, I somehow convicned mysuel this was good idea when i wa sober to pod here when i was drunk or hasted, and somewhow i rmembred while i was hasted.

love you gus, Prun,e lc, smx, albie, yax espei=cialyy ravn irish guy. yeees.iron maiden rule but manowar are pretty fun when your drunk. |ii|
finissh metal: minmontda poryu vaaaaaa111111, min  monta pina takakanaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!

too fast
hepken rauma

miloykaaaaa yyeeeeeahhhhhhhh ahahaah hehehehehehHHhYEAH!


taelsinasaaaaa kuniassaaa
bla bla blabla

  uer nia a ma


seivasta sa gra



mein omonta irpyu va jutr vyu vaaaa thr some higng again..



alen nayten tratovaaaa
,ilaorhshsaknfseewyaaaa dmfnijoflgnoeijfyvaaavavavamiloyattatatatatatatatattatattttaaaaa
yeah yeah yeah yeah

banging nthe keyboarsd is fun

,emhenythen lan mayb kentrato vavavavava
milen hepken rauma ayayayaha a a a avavvavavavavavaavvava
heyten tratovaaaaa
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trautomamamamamileoytatatatata ahehehehe aaysjl /fgjl , f ,, f,  ,f.,f .,fm werjnflm wjf bhheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh KIIILLLLPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWOwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
when i am drunl i can t even prganize chicoltae../..dsad existence....


chocolate is good, do is ice......

its amazing how i manage to  dinf my way to thread n this tate,,,ut takes si much cincentration....chicolate i orgasmic,,,,,jsut like maing out...larissa is sexy.


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*sober post* You know, I can't remember the last time I got so wasted that my typing was so bad I could match anything like the above posts.


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*sober* I don't think I've ever even been that wasted.  Then again, I've never tried to type seriously drunk. 


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I think I woke up a tad drunk. I think I'm still a little drunk. But not drunk enough to post so shittily. That was terrible effort, I dom't even know what I waas trying to say. Amazing that I remembered to post in here at all. Theres a bar of chocolate lying here. I must have eaten some of it last night, but I don't remember. Ahhhh.....*sigh*


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D&N is sadly sober as well but Nat, that was a true hall of fame drunk post! Exactly what needs to be here. Kudos!

So, high, drunk, making out with chicks and chocolate, sounds like I missed a great night!

Hey LC, thanks! Canadians rock too you know.

...and Per, time to buy a hooker!


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Next time you have a few, as I have tonight, try singing the chorus to The Jam's Down at the Tube Station at Midnight. The middle bit gets lost somewhat!

And we can thanks my brother-in-law for this rendition. :D