Deep dark secret


I like Abba, and have had a crush on Agnetha for 30 years and refuse to believe she'd just be an old bag now.  :wub:


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chaosapiant said:
I like Lady Gaga, and even have a tshirt.  I wear it in public to amuse my wife and embarrass my friends.

Vortex said:
I like Abba, and have had a crush on Agnetha for 30 years and refuse to believe she'd just be an old bag now.  :wub:

Whew, glad I'm not the only one. I also like the Bee Gees and LOVE Monica Naranjo.


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SinisterMinisterX said:
My music secret: I'm a huge Hall & Oates fan.

Ha! I really need to get a greatest hits collection of theirs, they were a great single making duo back in the day, between Sara Smile, Private Eyes... Man Eater...


After the war?
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I would wager that Genghis has a ruler fetish. Which, mind you, is to be expected from a Mongol Khan.

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Farhang said:
I scream like a 7 year old girl when I see a cockroach.


Musically, I really dislike Infinite Dreams.  :blush:

The first one is forgivable, although the proper response is rather yelling "DIE! DIE!" and crushing the thing with a shoe or another suitable item. Encyclopedias and anvils are fine.

For the second, there is just no forgiveness. Go directly to purgatory.


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Onhell said:
So you don't like bikes or don't like the fact you've never rode one?

I didn't learn to ride a bike until I was 21... now I love it.
the latter


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I'm really terrified of bugs as well, espicially grass hoppers. Jesus.

Flies don't bother me (well they do, just not like that) and sometimes I think praying mantis looks cool.

Useless trivia: Did you know that in hebrew, the praying mantis' name translates to "Solomon's camel(Gamal Shlomo)"?


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Oh I've got one! Not really a deep secret because I tell it to some people, but I'm ashamed of it alright.

I started listening to music when I was about 13, maybe 12, and until I was 15 I listened to Linkin Park and Green Day.

I'm ashamed. I mean, Green Day is probably the best popular band around, but it's still crap.