debut album vinyl purchase, help needed

Dick Brucinson

Smithdrian A
I bought all the Maiden album vinyls from the 1980s recently but hesitaded about the debut yet. the reason: I can't find it anywhere with the original artwork. wherever I search for that vinyl I would find the terrible cover version of 1998 remastered, that one here:


but I want the original cover version, this:


is the original version out print and got permanently replaced by the shitty version? any help greatly appreciated, thanks!

and: why the hell they came up with that remake from 1998 at all? that one is ridiculous.
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Ancient Mariner
The 2015 remaster though, seems to be out of stock on the websites I purchase from.


Ancient Marinade
Go to Discogs and order the remastered vinyls from 2015. It’s likely the best vinyl copy of the debut, with original artwork, you’re going to ever find.