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In a away, even an inspiration for Iron Maiden:



Ancient Mariner
Wow, wtf. Didn't he just release a new album?

Yep, it was released on Friday (on his birthday), to very positive reviews. A fitting end to a remarkable career.
I wasn't a fan either, but this is still another sad day in music.


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Bloody hell, that was unexpected. I haven't followed his recent work but he's made some great records.

The Flash

Dennis Wilcock did 9/11
It's hugely acclaimed as well. 86/100 on Metacritic, 4/5 stars on Rolling Stone, AllMusic, The Guardian, The Independent, A- on The A.V. Club and Entertainment Weekly.

Edit: His last album, that is.

Jamie Laszlo

Days like today remind me how I take my love of music for granted.

Things get woven into our hearts, minds and DNA without us even realizing. We don’t think about or fully appreciate the skin that covers our muscle and organs unless a day comes when it’s ripped from our bodies. And like that skin, we too often take what we love for granted.

When a musical icon you assumed would live forever dies, a part of what makes you “you” dies along with them. A chapter in your life is closed. Your past suddenly becomes less “not that long ago” and more “a long time ago”. Fibers you weren’t aware of that were tangled throughout your soul, disintegrate, turn to ash and evaporate into the air before hitting the ground.

Today, the world and every living thing in it seem a lot more vulnerable.

If Bowie was truly “The Man Who Fell to Earth”, I’m glad he fell here during my time on this planet.


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I was just starting to really get into his music, very sad. No idea he was sick.

Listening to Blackstar now, it's interesting.


Ancient Mariner
That's some unexpected bad news. Fucking cancer doesn't slow down... I don't really know Bowie's music, but Blackstar singles got me very interested. I'm looking forward to finally hearing the album - probably from a very different perspective now.


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Rest in peace, David Bowie. I was just getting into your music and then you die...isn't that just weird?
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