Darkest Hour


Here I sit in a serenade of glory!
hmmm ok, he actually used the same seagull sound clip.....
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Out of the Silent Planet
This is the longest song written by the Smith/Dickinson combo -> 7:20 minutes long.


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Admittedly this might change, but I'm gonna go with 9/10.

It's a nice Bruce and Adrian composition that 100% feels more like a solo song than a Maiden song, but it's really quite good. Bruce's vocal performance is fantastic. He achieves the biggest chorus on the album, all grandiose in his British patriotism naff-ness. Adrian's solo is fantastic.

Part of the reason I like this song so much (and WoTW) is that's really necessary on this album. It fulfills a desire to hear something a little different, yet comfortable. It's a strong tune that loses a point for being a tad too long and having too many stupid sea gulls.


Out of the Silent Planet
Adrian recorded this song with his Red Jackson Double neck guitar (used for COTD live).