Countdown to Senjutsu. 17 albums in 17 days.


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The 18th of August marks the 17 day countdown to Senjutsu. So the rules are simple, do a full listen through of one Maiden album per day in chronological order. And by a full listen I mean just that. No having it on in the background. This'll be a fun way to chart the musical evolution of the band. All 16 current Maiden albums capped off with Senjutsu on the 17th day.
  • No live albums
  • No compilations
  • No bootlegs
  • Studio albums only
If anyone wants to play along feel free to post in this thread. Oh, and if you have a physical collection then use it and show it off here! :)

I am listening to the albums since a couple of days after the belshazzar thing began, in the car going to work lol. I am usually going through 2-3 per week. I will go to TXF on monday.


Ancient Mariner
This is a great idea for a thread, and something I also do prior to every Maiden album release!

That being said, I was feeling over eager this time so I already started on my discography run-through last week. This way I'm doing each album, one a day, for two consecutive days up until the release of Senjutsu.

Today and tomorrow is Powerslave!


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Great idea and alot of fun!

I have sinse WOTW kinda went through every album and livealbum in order to hype myself. Try and listen a few days every week by myself in the evening with a few beers and just take it all in

Gonna try to do this on the 18th!


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Since the announcement, I’ve gone through Maiden’s discography 4 times back to front. It never gets old.


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I saw the title thread and thought "Well, what is going to be here that wouldn't already be in the other official thread?". Then I read the original post and became interested.

It's going to be fun to have refreshed uninterrupted takes from the discography.


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So today is the day of Iron Maiden! Perfect timing, I ordered the Trooper beer collection box a week back and got it today.

Gonna write some takes of the album later today after ive listened to it