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Back about 2005 when they were a U2 wanna be straight rock band i liked them. After that, their sound changed to more keyboard, club, top 40 sound that i am NOT into


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I liked Parachutes (both Yellow and Spies are my favourites up to this day), I liked A Rush of Blood to the Head a lot, I've nearly bitten my arm off during X&Y and I still can't bring myself to listen to it for the second time, I absolutely loved Viva la Vida (and I still think the album's great, mind you), I tolerated most of Mylo Xyloto (and went to see the show with my wife, who used to be a fan then) and after hearing something off Ghost Stories on the radio I've managed to avoid the album completely. I'm not interested in the new album at all.


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I really like pop music but Coldplay is way too bland for me.